The Bad Lieutenant

On Saturday night, I went to see The Lieutenant Of Inishmore at the Lyceum Theatre.

First of all, the Lyceum is an amazing venue, stunning and intimate. And tell me who doesn't like a little stunning intimacy now and then?

Of the plays Martin McDonagh has written, I've seen The Beauty Queen of Leenane, The Lonesome West and The Pillowman, all wonderful for different reasons.

I expected a home run right off the bat with Lieutenant but found the first act a bit wanting. Too slapsticky and repetitious I thought.


Act Two.

Hilarious, shocking, and wonderful by turn.

Way to go Martin.

There was one bit that I felt he'd stolen directly from my life but then again, no. Perhaps I'm more common than I expect I am.

This might explain why when the stewardess came to collect my empty coffee cup today, I sensed a bit of derision in her voice as she looked down at me, held out an open bag and said Trash.


Bre said...

I checked out the site and it sounds really truly awesome... but I have a soft spot for anything remotely Irish! I'll have to check it out next time I'm in NYC!

Dale said...

It's up for best play and some other Stony Awards I hear. I enjoyed it. If Beauty Queen ever shows up near you, hightail it for sure.

AL RULES said...

they are always stealing stuff from my life and putting it into plays. "Cats", for instance... i mean i am the only person i know of that dresses up like a cat and prances around randmom auditoriums. and i have been doing this since i was 7. and "Rent"!!! fuck, before i bought my own home, i was always paying that stuff. i mean like almost every month... there are plagarists every where... open your eyes people... nothing is original anymore...except carrot top....he is so funny :)



Dale said...

I never thought about that! I've paid RENT too! A couple of times. Fuckers.

Except for the part they stole from my life, you'd probably like the rest of the play especially the parts. The body parts.

justacoolcat said...

"Trash", I lost it.