It's Not Me, It's Me

I go to the place downstairs and order an omelette on multigrain toast. Sounds easy enough no? The omelette part is pre-made on premises and quite lovely as omelettes go.

The girl says what would you like on it?

I say a bit of butter, salt & pepper.

She does the toast. She butters, salts and peppers the toast and starts to wrap it up.

I say 'you forgot the omelette'. She looks at me like I'm strange and says 'that's why I asked you what you wanted on it'. Huh? What? But this isn't the first time I've been to the food Twilight Zone so I should know better.

She just continues to blankly stare at me as though I need to further explain what I want.

I say 'can you put the omelette on it please?' She says 'you didn't say you wanted an omelette' and I say to the girl next to me in line 'anyone you know order toast with salt & pepper' and she laughs 'uh no'. I say 'can I have the omelette on the toast please?'

By now Surly the counter girl is no doubt a bit embarrassed and slaps the omelette on the toast and fairly pitches it at me.

How long is appropriate to allow management to replace this defective's batteries? An hour? A day? A month? Or should I just rethink my diet?

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