I Like A Tidy Bowl

I'm not even sure how this happened - well, I am sure -- you know how sometimes you've seen a word and you're not sure how to say it so you throw caution to the wind and just toss it off like you've been using it all your life? Well, that's not me. I do award points to those who will try out a new word. Those same points however, will be deducted for improper usage.

The word in question today is hyperbole.

I was discussing an email communique from the brass here at work and was told by a colleague that it was nothing but hyper-bowl. Hyperbowl? Wonder why that never caught on?

The email in question was about the direction the company was taking. It was not filled with any sort of exaggeration. I didn't point this out.

What I did point out was how to pronounce the word. All I said was hyperbole. And the subject in question said oh, so you pronounce the 'e' at the end huh?

Next topic please.

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