Team Nancy: World Police

Ever watched Nancy Grace on CNN's Headline News Channel? You know Nance. She's the one who cures cancer, runs the U. N. and basically restores peace and freedom to those who need it around the world every night from her little square office on the magic talking box.

Nancy blares on at the Americas nightly because talking REALLY LOUD seems to work for her. Although she does tackle important issues, clearly has a heart and wants justice, she still manages to rankle my snarky little self more often than not.

Tonight for instance, she went on at length about all the foul ups committed by the officials in Aruba over the missing teenager investigation. Actually, it's day 86 of her going off at length, sneering and snorting over the way things are handled there. Nancy punches on about Aruban law and what it permits and what it doesn't.

That's right Nancy. It's Aruba! They have their own laws. It's not America! In your spare time away from the show, do you feel as passionately about the way Aruba is run? Are you an advocate for changing Aruban law or do you just like to talk REALLY LOUD at work?

Nancy also has mini me types from such esteemed and hallowed halls as Court TV and other such fake channels that mostly agree with her and spend no small amount of time bolstering each other's egos. Everyone agrees that if this was happening in America and not Aruba, things would be different. Wow! Court TV for president!

Another segment of the show dealt with the fact that Olivia Newton John's partner of 9 years has been reported missing. Apparently he's been missing for some weeks. Nancy, Sluggo and the gang are concerned! Why would this man's ex-wife have been the one to call him in as missing? Did she speak with Olivia? Where was Olivia? Touring? Olivia should have used her celebrity to call attention to the fact that he was missing. Bla bla bla bla bla bla friggin' bla.

Shut up and let the chips fall where they may people. Expose injustices, lobby for change, go get your brows reshaped but please Nancy please - stop talking unless you have something to say that's constructive and useful.

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