Up A Lazy Thought Process

I was cleaning the bathroom mirror this morning and the most fascinating thought entered my mind. I wondered nearly aloud, whether maids (as in those you hire when you're too lazy to clean your own bathroom mirror) are as diligent in their home cleaning habits when they're not being paid to do a good job.

I thought of myself (not a first) and realized I am a decision maker in my job and therefore am practically unable to make a decision at home no matter how grave the necessity of my involvment. Should I have the barbecue chips or the regular?

So my question has some significance, some relevance does it not? Would I ever find an answer to this fascinating bedazzling quandry?

And then the answer came to me!

Nobody cares, least of all me.


Eddie said...

Dale, per your comments on my blog, LOL, I don't mind at all. Thanks for your comments on my blog.

I have been, I think to New Richmond, Ontario and Markham, and Toronto, but I don't think Richmond Hill. Godspeed.

Dale said...

There's a New Richmond in Wisconsin I think but not in Ontario as far as I know Eddie. Richmond Hill is about a 20 minute drive north of Toronto and amazingly close to Markham. You're probably living here part time and just confused.