See and Smell - An Audio Post

I felt it was time to push that Spirograph image down the page a little and so, without further ado, it's time once again on Passion of the Dale to suffer through another audio post with me.

Click the play button on my sidebar GCast player to give it a go! At 52 seconds or so, you probably won't be sorry.


Doc said...

It is interesting that they have a "no scent" policy in place and post it on the bathroom door. I figured that that was where the objectionable scents were coming from.


PJ said...

This is the first time I've listened to one of your podcasts, and I've really been missing out. I love your voice - you should be on the radio, man!

Anyway, I don't know how you work at that place - first the weight police and now the anti-scent brigade. Soon you'll have drug testers collecting your pee and colonic irrigation touts slipping flyers under the cubicle door.

At home we have 2 loos and my mum only permits us to do the "number two" in the cold and uncomfortable one downstairs - needless to say that I don't always obey this particular law.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It almost sounded as though you were threatening to come over to our blogs to fart. Dale! I am shocked. I may need to post a note.

Evil Genius said...

I poop rainbows :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allison said...

I don't know what's more funny. The image of a sighted person leading a blind person through an 'out of order' door. Or, you smirking, watching it unfold. ;)

Chancelucky said...

I love the "no scent" policy sign on the bathroom door. I hope the ventilation in there is good.

Holly said...

If it were me, I'd have put the sign in the kitchen. Of course I am not a fan of unpleasant bathroom odors, but that's what matches and heavy air fresheners are for, and why you can close the door. But it's hard to do much about the disgusting things other people choose to microwave, and those smells can permeate an entire office space.

jin said...

I'm so proud of you Dale! You didn't say "eh" even once!

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

Reminds me of smell-o-vision!

Lol to the sighted person leading the blind guy out the closed door.

Doc said...

I told you you should be on the radio and PJ agrees with me!


Grant Miller said...

What a stinker!

Doc said...

You have been voted a winner of the Crazy Eights, old friend.

See here:


X. Dell said...

(1) I think most people are going to assume that the blind person was stupid, yet trying to be helpful. I think it's funnier to imagine that he/she led the sightless one to that door on purpose because of a twisted sense of humor.

(2) Your company's policy reminds me of many others that want to restrict employees' comments. Seems like the bosses won't let anyone get their two-scents in.

(3) I just heard the radio post before this one, about your sister, the action movie fan. HAving gone to Catholic school, and witnessing the ruthlessness of nuns with their rulers, that doesn't surprise me at all.

justacoolcat said...

Oh poop. No audio at work.

Dale said...

Exactly my thought Doc, it's the one place where scents abound.

Thanks PJ, you're too kind. There are so many policies 'on the go' that I think maybe I work with your mum!

Post a note and spare a square or two Barbara, just in case.

I poop like your eyebrow in the avatar EG.

The blind guy thing was pretty outrageous Allison but my arching brow can be a sight too.

It could be better Chancelucky so I try to get in, do it and get out.

Don't you worry Holly, we have rules posted around the microwaves too and for that I'm glad.

Eh? There, I did it but in an unexpected way Jin.

Thanks for the odoriffic comment Kate! :-)

Doc, how well do you know this PJ? Sadly, I got an email that GCast is no longer going to be free so I may just have to start a radio station.

P-U is right Grant Miller.

Doc, your comments have come in 3! Thanks for the honour!

The sad truth is X. Dell that he's just a dolt. The other day at the elevator on the trash can, there were two pennies there and I thought of your comment on the two scents. Should I let someone know you're following me to work? I'll have to get some more nun updates to post about soon.

Then I'd love your workplace Justacoolcat. No audio anywhere? Just perfectly quiet? Ahhhh. :-)

Distributorcap said...

glad to see you are posting a picture of the US COnstitution.....

post-Bush of course

Coaster Punchman said...

You should add scratch 'n sniff to your blog. It would be all the rage. I hope someone else hasn't come up with this one already. Although I think that every time I write anything.