Dearest Fine Bunch,

While I've made no specific plans to write or not write more, at the moment, I'm too lazy to keep my blog going.

Writing has always been difficult for me, just ask any poor sentence I've let languish for hours waiting for me to commit. The greater value and reward in doing it all has consistently come from you. Your take on my take has been enlightening, enriching and often hilariously dark.

As I continue on my dour but occasionally merry way, let me slow to say thank you for all that you've said, what you haven't and for being an excellent source of riboflavin!

To those I've met, thank you for proving brilliance on the blog page does translate to real life and to those I've yet to meet, here's hoping we can and you don't turn out to be a bigger ass than I am.

Love and more,



Some Guy said...

All the best to you, Dale. Yours was one of the earliest blogs I followed and I always enjoyed your tales. This is a sad day indeed. Please stop by every once in a while and say hello!

SkylersDad said...

I agree with Some Guy, you are a class act. I hope you stop in to let us know how you are doing on occasion.

Anonymous said...

A final haiku for you:

You are leaving us
I hope you are getting drunk
And I mean each day

Good luck with life and stuff! :) Hope to see you around maybe sometime.

Mistress La Spliffe said...

I hope you keep writing something, for the sentences' sake; you're good. Drop me a line if you restart blogging, or if you're in northwestern Europe in the next eleven months.

Wings said...

Well, hope to see/read you again.

Take care!

Doc said...

Judas Jumpin' Priest Dale! I just canceled the cable tv because I told Flannery we could relie on you to entertain us through the cold, winter months. Now what am I going to do?

Couldn't you maybe sneak in an audio post once a week or something? I don't know if I can go cold turkey again.

Would it help if I sing for you? That's what I'll do. I'll record a song for you. Here's your song. Maybe that will convince you to stay and play, you rascal!


Cormac Brown said...

Where's Annie Wilkes when you need her?

Just kidding, Dale. Please, leave that window just a tad open so that the hope that you will blog again, will stay alive.

Dr Zibbs said...

Good luck in your non blogging life.

Allison said...

All the best to you, Dale!

I will always wonder about Honeypot's adventures... ;)

Blanche said...

Well Dale, if you find yourself in need of things to do, please feel free to send me any tunes you'd like to share via gmail. I trust you will keep in touch. :-( missing you already...

Love Blanche

Blanche said...

Oh and in regards to the title of the post, I thought it meant "Done Fucking Blogging" until I saw the salutation.. teehee

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Best of luck man! Don't be a stranger!

BeckEye said...

Excuse me while I weep.

Okay, done.

You betta get your ass on Facebook, then, Mister.

PJ said...

Hope to exchange more words with you sometime in the future. It's been fun.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Okay fine, it may not be a suicide note for you, but it might very well be for me. You heartbreaker!

Sid said...

What? The very second time i log onto your blog and you're giving it all up?

Dale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dale said...

Thanks Chris, your blog's an original and not to worry, I'll be stopping by.

Thanks to you too Mr. Skyler's Dad. Right now, I'm excellent - it's Friday!

Hilarious haiku, thank you Vegetable Assassin. Keep slaying away.

Thanks Mistress, I appreciate it. I'll look you up and we can get Europe on a proper course.

Cheers Wings, I'll be around I'm sure.

Doc, the song was brilliant like most everything you do. I'm sure Flannery will think of other ways to keep you from shivering. Or to get you shivering. Or, well, never mind.

The window's cracked even though it's chilly right now. Someone just walked by it Cormac! Wait, larger than a breadbox but smaller than Annie Wilkes, must have been Honeypot.

Thanks good Doctor, all the best to ewe too.

Like the length of that insufferable Celine Dion song Allison, Honeypot's adventures will go on. Good luck to you and your large brain!

Hey Blanche, I'll fire some tunes at you again before long. I wish I'd thought of that for the DFB!!

I'll just continue to be strange Imaginary Reviewer.

Tell me again how Facebook won't take over my life Beckeye? I'm glad you shed a few tears, I'll be by to read your recaps to cry with laughter!

PJ, hope all is well and thanks, I'll be around.

So I won't be charged then Barbara? Please don't mention me in your note. If I know you, your note will be eloquent, funny and a keeper (at least in the evidence room).

It wasn't your fault Sid I promise :-) You could always dig through and read up and maybe by then I'll have asked myself 'what have I done!?'

Esther said...

Hey Dale, best wishes as you move on to other endeavors. I know how hard it is to keep up with the blogging. When it becomes more like a chore, it's time to take a step back. But your posts were always fresh and lively and made me smile!

Distributorcap said...

another happy ending


best to you and i miss your tales
including bagel lady

Anonymous said...

Damn. Shit. Crap.

but the best to you always!


Dale said...

Thanks Esther, I'll be checking in from time to time because yours are an excellent read always!

Who doesn't love happy endings DCap? :-)

Dear Anonymous, now I feel bad! Shit!

Gifted Typist said...

so this is it, dale ... good to know ya mate, sorry we never met

Dale said...

Anything can happen GT, we may still yet. I have a feeling you're not as big an ass as I am so hopefully, we can test the theory.

Chancelucky said...

Hey Dale,
look, you should keep writing whether it's in a blog or not. You have the capacity to engage readers. Very few writers do that. Even fewer bloggers manage it :}

Anonymous said...

Oh Dale, I sure will miss you. Drop me an email every now and then so I'll know when you're going to be released from prison huh :)

Seriously, it's been a good ride my friend. Take care.

Coaster Punchman said...

But what does this MEAN?

Berry said...

I blame myself for setting a bad example. :o(

Yours will forever be my favourite blog to read for witty smarticity. You shall remain bookmarked, my friend!

Dale said...

Thank you for the encouragement my boon companion Chancelucky.

If you visit me in the joint, please bake me a cake Suze!

It means you're going to have to put up with more emails Coaster Punchman.

Isn't that funny Berry? I blame you too! You left just when I needed you most! :-) Thanks for the loveliness of your comment.

Evil Genius said...

You'll be back. I have foreseen it.

Slaygirl said...

Yours was one of the first blogs I read. I am sad to see you go. As all of your posts you did it with style though I'll give you that. Take care Dale.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

Hello? Is this thing on?

Damn. shit. crap...again.

Miss you.

wonderturtle said...

It seems many are going this way lately... But it's been a good run, and it's never the end, really. :)

Dale said...

If the great evil eye sees it then it must be so my good/evil genius!

Thanks for the nice message Slaygirl. I'm glad I fooled you on the style thing! :-)

When you swear, it makes me happy Melly.

Just the beginning of something else I'm sure Wonderturtle. Thanks for stopping by.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Dale, I miss ya, if you Facebook, find me there. XO XO

Dale said...

I miss you too Elizabeth but not yet enough to Facebook myself :-) Soon though. Maybe. Who knows?

Doc said...

Thirty-six comments on this effing post and you can't ever drop by like once a month?

I am crushed Dale. Just crushed.


Doc said...

I would never deny that mine is a selfish love, but it is the only love I have. Sure, you're lazy, but cold weather is here and that cat and the unused exercise machine can't be taking up all of your time. The neighbors are indoors and there isn't any gardening to do. C'mon, you know you've got more moxy left over than most folks start out with.

I, (puts hand on heart) on this day 11/11/09, make a solemn oath to stop by once a week to nag, cajole, coax, prod, usher, badger, and drag you by the hair of your chinny-chin-chin back to blogdom.

But don't do it for me Dale.

Do it for the children.

Do it for the thirty-five brats you have left in a lurch.


X. Dell said...

Sadden, I tip my cap to you. I've gotten so much pleasure from this blog that it's hard to put into words.

So I guess I share your writing problem.

We've been an excellent source of riboflavin? Exactly which one of us have you been eating?

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