After The Highs And The Music

I think I very recently went on at some length about how wonderful life is, how music transports, how if we all just held hands and circled the globe...and that sort of thing.

I've crashed already.

Today was one of those stupid days *and it ain't over yet* where all the invisible conspirators are having a laugh at me.

I took a fairly new and somewhat expensive watch in to get the battery replaced - it doesn't need a battery, it needs Ziebarting: it's corroded inside.

I tried on a pair of pants, they refused to fit properly in any size: I'm not getting fatter, really.

I thought I'd drown my sorrows in a burger, I almost drowned in the warmed over grease it seemed to be topped with: I ate it anyway.

Then I bit my tongue: Can tongues put on weight?

I ordered a coffee with milk, they used cream: I am getting fatter.

Okay, so those are pretty minor things granted. But that's all in the space of about 45 minutes. I get fat fast!

I'm really looking forward to a brighter hour where I can say: that was a little bit of alright that was.





The tick is actually silent, the watch will still need repair.

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