Black and White Movies

I dreamed I was walking through a part of town I don’t live in and haven’t been near in years. The sidewalks were teeming with people pushing cases of all sorts of artifacts and items like books and clothes. It seemed like a very large and portable marketplace surrounding me. I pointed to a shelf of dvds blocking the entrance to a shop and explained to someone going by that some of the movies were from me because I wanted to help one of the shopkeepers who’d been in some sort of trouble.

The scene shifted to a subway type platform and a black girl was walking by me singing something very soulful but indistinguishable. I marveled at the sound and found myself again in a crowd on a narrow makeshift pathway near my office.

The route was marked with string and pickets and lined with hordes of children who were laughing and shouting. The idea was that you were supposed to pick up a trophy from a box on the right side and a badge from the back of a pick up truck on the left as you went along. I waved them off and they accepted this as they knew I was just going through to get to my building which I could now see across the street.

After making it through the crowd, I ended up at the foot of a hill that used to be near my childhood home. I started up the hill and was walking just behind and to the side of another black woman who I recognized but couldn’t place. I began telling her about the woman I’d heard singing earlier and she smiled at me and nodded while I talked and she said good-bye to me as she entered a house at the top of the hill.

As I started back down the hill, I realized I would probably be late for work and so I took out my cell phone from my pants pocket to make a call to my boss. It wasn’t my current phone but one I used to have. As I flipped it open, two dead bugs on their backs lay crushed against the screen. They were long slender bugs with wings and reminded me of earwigs.

I rummaged for and found a tissue to wipe them away with but then one of them stirred, flipped over and flew away. I could tell the other one was definitely dead but then it too stirred, flipped itself over and flew away. I was puzzled but figured I’d best make the call anyway. As I started to dial, I woke up.


BeckEye said...

Oh, you just ripped that off from an Obsession ad.

Jen said...

Maybe it was all that ganga
you smoked before bed?

just sayin'

Mob said...

What an odd series of vignettes, I'm amused that you can work in so many transitions, my dreams always tend to be a long stroll through one particular area or building, with little to no scene changes.

Also, I never have the sistahs providing a soundtrack either.

My subconscious stinks.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha Beckeye!

Did your parents never tell you there are 3 things you never discuss in polite company: politics, religion, and what you dreamt last night?

Mistress La Spliffe said...

Were you happy or sad when you woke up?

Chancelucky said...

Geez, I wondered who had called me at 2:00 AM Pacific time. I knew my phone was bugged, just didn't know it was real bugs.

Dale, I would sell all your DVDs immediately and leave town.

Keith Kennedy said...

Don't go back to sleep......ever

Franki said...

My roommate was trying to have her baby on a gurney in the middle of a crowded gymnasium next a a little girls birthday party.

I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

I think this means that you're very, very worried that you won't be able to find the perfect gift for me. Yes, trust me. I'm a professional when it comes to this dream stuff.

The Gifted Typist said...

If you were a religious man you would interpret that as the second and third resurrections.

Flannery Alden said...

Why did I experience deja vu while reading this?

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks beckeye, I ruined yet another keyboard, AT WORK, thanks to your comment.

chelene said...

Dale, obviously your subconscious is just crying out for a visit from me. Just don't expect me to sing or nod politely while you crazy talk.

mellowlee said...

Quick Dale, go buy one of those Interpret Your Dreams books!

Writeprocrastinator said...

Along the lines of a Phillip K. Dick title-

"Do Insects Dream of Being Smashed By Dale's Old Cell Phone?"

Coaster Punchman said...

Did you write that as a stream of consciousness upon waking?

Anonymous said...

Seen the Korean Bagel lady lately? I think you are secretly pining for her but you just can't find your way.
Poor Dale, I so feel for you.

Evil Evil Genius said...

I had this exact same dream, but In color.

Dr.evil said...

My, my, Dale. You are right sometimes, you can be a small mind adrift.

Kate said...

lol that was a night full!!!!

... well I dreamt I was on a cruise ship with my family and visited some touristy island.... while walking around I noticed that there were huge turkeys on the roofs of lots of buildings. I tried to get my camera out to take photos to post on my blog and they started attacking me! lol

Ya you and I should have coffee and try to analyze each others dreams! hehehe

Happy Friday!

pistols at dawn said...

Clearly, you're worried about a recession for fiscal year 2008. Oh, and sexual inadequacy. But that's so obvious it probably doesn't merit mentioning.

Allison said...

I too am laughing at Beckeye's comment.

Sounds like a very full dream. I had a strange dream last night where I was setting up sprinklers inside the house and then water made everyone grow into giants. Weirdness.

Distributorcap said...

so do dreams come true?

Dale said...

One of my favourite sendups of the Obsession ads is in this video around the 4:18 mark Beckeye. I wish I'd dreamed that up.

Maybe I shouldn't be using you as a dealer anymore Jen.

I have periods where my dreams are fairly vivid and I recall lots of details Mob but then at other times, they're just dark and vague.

They never said any such thing Barbara, should I take their advice? It hasn't worked to date.

I actually woke up with a headache Mistress so I guess I'd have to go with sad.

Chancelucky, would you like to buy a bunch of dvds? I'm trying to get some dash cash ready.

It's killing me Keith but I'm trying to take your advice.

Was she trying to pop the kid through the cake Franki?

You're easy to buy for Suze, in fact I wrapped it up a while ago. Hint - it's the same thing I got you last year.

But since I'm not religious Gifted Typist, what should I call it?

Did I have this dream and write about it before Flannery? If so, I'm getting out of the house immediately. Or did you? Get out of the house!

You've been going through a lot of keyboards Bluez, to save time, just pour your coffee on the keys and then start reading.

If I don't crazy talk Chelene, will you sing then? You coming up?

I'd trust you guys before one of those books Mellowlee. You're looking more dangerous these days.

Thanks WP! I love that title, I wonder how it would look on a tshirt?

Shortly after I got up, I jotted down the details CP.

The only thing I call her Marloes is names! I have seen her. I'll say hi from you and she'll start insulting you no doubt!

In living colour Evil Evil Genius?

Completely untethered Dr. Evil. Did you and Evil Evil Genius conspire to show up one after the other? My small mind wonders and wanders.

Come on over Kate and we'll talk, no big whoop. When Turkeys Attack! Fox would eat that up, after they stopped attacking.

I am worried about your sexual inadequacy Pistols at Dawn. What would Roger Lodge think?

Please share your drugs Allison! Sounds freaky.

They sometimes come true but not this time Distributorcap.

Flannery Alden said...

Dale, I'm calling you from inside the house.

X. Dell said...

Wow. I've never seen a dream so purely about sex.

Just kidding, though there's a lot of sexual imagery in this one. Also a theme of intellectualism towards the end.

Dale said...

Is that what that thumping noise is I keep hearing Flannery?

Sex and intellectualism huh X. Dell? I'll take it.