Of Meat And Men - An Audio Post

I can only spend so much time looking at the moon and trying to figure out how best to describe it (tonight it's a UHF sort of moon) so I've done an audio post on something that's been bothering me for a while now. You'll find it over there on my sidebar, press play on the GCast thingy.

With that, I'm off to Vegas, well, after a half day of work tomorrow but still! If I win big, I'll send for you all.


gifted typist said...

Oh Dale,the Christmas card podcast. Brilliant. I used to have a boring-postcard exchange with a friend. one of the best was the town library in New Glasgow NS, a Brutalist square box with no windows, the shot taken from across a dead street, one car parked in front, no greenery, people, life. I'd send it to you if it weren't so precious to me.

Have fun in LV

Allison said...

Safe travels, and have a great trip!

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

If you take that Korean bagel lady pic, be sure to post it here, too!

Beth said...

Vegas. New York. When the H-E-double-hockey-sticks are you coming down south, boy?

Chancelucky said...

I want to see the Korean Bagel Lady too....Are you taking her to Las Vegas with you?

Dale said...

Hi Gifted Typist, I'm glad you liked the Christmas card post, it was just something that I had to do. Sounds like you've got an excellent prize in that lively card!

Thanks Allison, stay by the phone in case I win big.

I would if I didn't think she'd hunt me down with her big bagel slicing knife Patrick.

You're definitely a hot spot I'd like to visit Beth so who knows what this new year will bring? Maybe me.

She has to stay and work Chancelucky. Mr. Korean Bagel Lady just zipped off to the Dominican Republic to play golf so she's all alone. Wait! Why am I leaving the country then?

Grant Miller said...

If you win big will you continue to blog? or just have someone else do it?

katrocket said...

I'll do it!

I'm out of a job again: will blog for food. Or sexm if you have no food. Please tell me you have food.

Slap Elvis for me!

chelene said...

Have fun in Vegas! I just checked the weather...I hope you're not going to warm up. :)

Anonymous said...

Go meat!

Anonymous said...

I should send you the picture of me at the "all you can eat shrimp buffet" to post on your work site. That would put that wanna-be steak eater right in his pansy- ass place.

A few tips for Vegas, red - double down - don't take the insurance; and tell Barry Manilow I said "Hey". Have fun.

Artful Dodger said...

Yay Vegas!! Make sure to hit a good buffet.

Lakota Princess said...

Ohhh - I'll look for you there since I'm currently getting into ALL kinds of trouble in Vegas.

Old Lady said...

My lovely beer drinkin dawgs could've taken care of that 72 ounces steak in seconds!!!!

Chris said...

Yeah, definitely get us a pic of KBL. She's almost mythic at this point.

Have a great time!

Bubs said...

I can't listen to your new audio post, which is truly my loss. Stupid media filtering at work.

Have fun in Las Vegas!

BeckEye said...

Ride the roller coaster! I mean that giant one that goes through the casino, not the one on the roof. Well, ride that one too, just don't fall off.

I've never been to Vegas, and the only reason I want to go is to ride that giant coaster. I hate casinos, they give me a headache.

pistols at dawn said...

Without my annoyance at pictures of cats, how would I know I'm alive?

X. Dell said...

Hmm. If the golden retriever can polish off a bottle of beer, I bet he could finish that steak too.

genn6 said...

Have fun in Vegas, but don't go to the the place where the roof is on fire in case it starts burning downward.

I think you should show a picture of the Korean bagel lady. Everybody loves her and she would be a part of your life on display, much more "personal" than a photo of ol' johnny signaling the Opery.

Coaster Punchman said...

Oh my. That is taking the wedding-new baby-other boring shit-work photo problem and multiplying it exponentially. I also would die a little bit if I had to look at those every day.

Distributorcap said...

i hope you are not at the Monte Carlo.....

Barbara Bruederlin said...

My little suitcase is packed with pictures of the family cat, and sitting beside the phone. You have my number, right?

Doc said...

While you're there, take in a nice burlesque show and come back and tell us how it was.


Mob said...

I hope you have a blast in Vegas sir, and best of luck with the photo submissions.

Just don't let them track anything too disturbing back to you.

If you do win big, hire an assistant to blog for you, but make sure they pepper it with thier own bitterness at having to be at your beck and call, I think it'd prove entertaining.

Old Lady said...

What! Haven't lost all yer money ye? I know they have computers in Vegas! Are you making a Vegas commercial? Is what you do gonna stay in LV? Huh?

Dale said...

Thanks for all the well wishing but sadly, I had to come back home and now, days later, my brain is almost ready to comment on your comments!

I already contract most of it out Grant, I just push the publish button so not much would have changed.

I nearly slapped Elvis Katrocket but since there were two of them, I got ascared.

Anything was much warmer than here Chelene - it was light sweater weather there and many many layers weather here.

Ever been for Brazilian barbecue Bluez? Eight kinds of meat. I'm still full.

My main objective of course Suze was to set the Monte Carlo on fire. Everything else was gravy. And biscuits.

The Wynn buffet was awesome Mr. Dodger.

Was that you in the hot tub on the patio of that bar freezing your nipples off to the delight of passersby Lakota P?

Send pictures Old Lady!

I'm thinking she might just allow a photo by this point Chris. If only she knew how we (meaning I) talk about her!

That's a crime Bubs! Much fun was had.

I wanted to go on the Insanity ride on top of the Stratosphere Beckeye but it was so foggy the last day that it would have been pointless. Next time, you come and go on the rides with me!

There's always the smell Pistols, it tells you things too.

I'd love to do some might morphin' power photoshopping with some of the photos X. Dell.

That was some fire huh Genn6? Lots of mayhem and I nearly just gambled through the whole thing.

If I hated you, I'd start sending them to you Coaster Punchman.

Thankfully I was not DCap although I was walking down the street, saw the black smoke and thought, hmm, must be from the construction next door until I heard and went running to catch the full story.

Oh Barbara, how I wished you hadn't gone to all that trouble. I'm a loser, just so you know.

I should have asked those hookers for the best show Doc.

Vegas was a lot of fun Mob and so far, no track backs. Will you blog for me for very little cash (just to spice up the bitterness quotient)?

I survived and returned, most of my dignity intact Old Lady. If I'd known you were going to come rescue me I might have hung around though.