In A (Four Day) New York Minute

Last weekend was lovely, not only because it was a long weekend here in Canadaland but also because I got to spend time in one of my favourite places, New Jack York City. While there, I barely had time to complain about my hotel room, change rooms and then change hotels entirely, take in three shows of varying quality, shop, drink, eat my body weight and then walk it all off.

I got to see my pals Coaster Punchman and Poor George, Chelene and Beckeye, all who remain wonders of the world. Beckeye and Chelene have blogged their point / counterpoint on Xanadu so I’ll just mention my disappointment with The Country Girl (well chronicled here by Esther and Steve, two bloggers I've recently been enjoying). Frances McDormand and Morgan Freeman while wonderful to see, were not at their most captivating. Peter Gallagher however was on point and he and his eyebrows did some fine acting.

The prize for unplanned but incredible event was seeing Gypsy starring Patti Lupone. One word: mesmerizing. Another word: spellbinding. Third word: electric. The whole show was excellent and the entire cast worked and played their hearts out. I lucked into some 2nd row centre seats and locked eyes with several of the principals which while thrilling was off-putting - what if my perma-grin made them break character wondering what I was up to? I give this production 4 Mama Roses (out of 4)!

Now I'm back to the real world and at work. I'm heading off in a minute to Gilligan's Island for a 3 hour meeting. I'll do my best to provide the laugh track because I'm certain there's no hope of rescue.


Jake's Mom said...

I am jealous. We only had time for one show. And Patti LuPone...she is an all time favorite of mine. Gallagher's eyebrows are mezmorizing! ;)

Chancelucky said...

Okay, this sucks. I haven't been to New York City since pre-9/11. I've never met another blogger in person other than the one blogger I already knew. The last live show I saw my daughter was Sam I Am in Green Eggs and Ham...

My wife and I officially have no life.
btw I'm glad you had a great time. Now that the US has become the third world vacation destination for people from the developed countries, I guess we get to see more of our friends from the north. I still say you should come to California. We don't have Broadway, but we do have Chinese restaurants that don't burn down mid birthday dinner and kim chee free coffee.

FranIAm said...

Well just imagine - 8 months ago and I would have been there too. Oh well, your rotten luck!

Kidding. I mean - I would have been there then. Oh never mind!

I was just talking to a friend who is heading down that way to see Gypsy - I will share your review with her.

I love that show and saw it last time round with Bernadette Peters and it was great.

Glad you had fun!

Leonesse said...

Jealous. Bitch.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

2nd row centre seats? Who'd you have to service to get those?

Jealous I am of all the bloggy meets and shows and such, regardless of whether or not sexual favours were involved.

BeckEye said...

I was going to blog a counterpoint to this post, but then I read the part about Chelene, CP, George and myself being wonders of the world. Can't argue with that!

Eebie said...

Thanks for coming over to my place...next time you're in the big apple, let's find some time with CP (provided my life doesn't get in the way).

I've been a reader for a while as I've seen you comment on many mutual friends, and so today I took the plunge to put in a few words.

Ahh, my parents commented on shows in NY vs seeing the national tour; in NYC, they are breath-taking. It's a whole different world here; there's a reason the place is so special. Glad you loved it.

X. Dell said...

What's sad is the realization that even without the pretty pictures, your trash bins still look much better than ours.

X. Dell said...

#$#@! Commented on the wrong post.

Anyway, I glad you had at least a good time with Gyprsy. It's a war horse, but for good reason.

Still, I see you managed to avoid me again on this trip, Dale. Is it my breath?

Dale said...

That's just poor time management Jake's Mom! If I could have, I might have squeezed yet another show in, Passing Strange intrigues me.

I'm sorry they won't let you back into New York Chancelucky, you must have been a really bad blogger! I'd love to visit California sometime to see what you've done with the place. Is there anything you can do about the flight time though?

It was pretty awesome Fran and I'm sorry I missed you by a mere 8 months, we have to get our act together! And then take it on the road.

Does the first word apply to you and the second to me Leonesse? I'll answer that question myself.

Just a thing for a guy in a parking lot Barbara, no big whoop. I think the seats were available because they're so close and a shorter type might have had neck strain, I was fine.

Thank you for seeing it my way Beckeye!

Hi Eebie! I've seen you 'around' and on your blog as well. Nice of you to stop by. Even the bad shows seem to be good in NYC somehow.

They're big but they're for trash and recycling X. Dell. Hey! You're in the wrong post!

Loved the show and the fact that you didn't detect me while I was in your neck of the woods X. Dell. Even though I'm avoiding you, maybe we can do coffee or something next time?

Mob said...

Gallagher's eyebrows are like an enchanted meadow.

Or hedge.

Esther said...

Hey Dale,
Thank-you very much for the shoutout!

I agree with you about Peter Gallagher. Unfortunately, I was sitting up a little too high at "The Country Girl" to get a really good look at those amazing eyebrows.

I've said before that while I expected to be amazed by Patti LuPone in "Gypsy," I didn't know much about Laura Benanti, and I was totally blown away by her performance. The way she was transformed over the course of the show from an awkward teenager to a glamorous, confident stripper was amazing.

But wow, Patti was pretty spellbinding. "Rose's Turn" was thrilling to watch. I've never seen anyone "act" a song with such emotion.

I'm sorry you had a problem with your hotel room, but I'm glad you got to see "Gypsy." And I hope you can get back to New York again soon.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

The highlight of your trip for me was your meeting with the uberhottie Chelene.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"I got to spend time in one of my favourite places, New Jack City."

I just want to know one thing, Dale, when you are there, do you "die harder than Bruce Willis?"

Coaster Punchman said...

Always a pleasure, but next time let me pick the play. Bastard.

pistols at dawn said...

A weekend of theatre? You're so cosmopolitan.

Dale said...

There's a song too Mob - Some Enchanted Eyebrow!

The eyebrows were a bit more restrained in their performance than I expected Esther and not to worry - I always have a complaint about the hotel room for one reason or another - TripAdvisor has been duly notified. I agree that Laura Benanti was a revelation in herself, the whole cast wowed me.

Dr. Monkey - Chelene is spectacular is so many ways, I'm glad to have your jealous seal of approval.

No WP but I have more hair than Bruce so that counts right?

I'll give over complete creative control CP as long as it meets with exactly what I want to see.

I like to pretend I am Pistols but really, I'm a white trash hick.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

You bitch! Patti Lupone is my favorite. I actually saw her in Billings, Montana once. No shit.

I'd love to see her on Broadway. Wowza.

Peter G has newborn kitties living in his eyebrows. The orchestra was probably too loud to hear them mewing.

Distributorcap said...

hey dale

let me know next time you are in town

sometimes i can get some tix ---

Dale said...

I'm very sorry that Patti is now in love with me and has dumped you Melly, you'd best get cooking something up to try and woo her back!

Mr. Distributor Cap, your middle name must be Grace. Funny for a guy but likely true.

Valerie said...

I got to see Patti Lupone in Gypsy at Ravinia two summers ago. She was amazing!!!

The Peter Gallagher eyebrow comment had me LOL.

Dale said...

She's quite a force isn't she Valerie. Gallagher's brows would have been flapping in the breeze if they were playing against each other.