Having regard for the fact that there is very useful and easily digestible information to be found in the free transit Metro News paper (see previous post), I worry about the pall it casts on the many readers I encounter throughout my day.

The paper is basically a bite sized and if not tasty, at least edible capsule that gives you the jist of the day's big stories, the weather and some all important celebrity hoo haw. I love me some hoo haw.

The problem is that if you listen carefully, when people are chatting say at work, they all seem to have the same half dozen tidbits of information that they just keep regurgitating over and over courtesy of the daily capsule.

There's no in depth discussion of any topic or addition of any information, just someone recounting what they read on the way in, someone else nodding, another saying 'yep, I heard something about that' and everyone else verifying the piece as gospel. Didja hear about ...? ad nauseum.

No other big point to make, just that small talk annoys me to no end. My brain is no larger than anyone elses but can we not just talk about other things than what we've been spoon fed?

Oh, and shut the hell up about the traffic on your drive in. Nobody cares, it only allows them an in to tell their traffic tales.

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