Willing To Be, Aiming To Be

Last week while reading the Metro newspaper on the way to work, I read one of those 'Where Are They Now?' pieces and it happened to be on Meryn Cadell. I had wondered what happened to Meryn and the piece made me wonder some more.

I checked out Meryn's online journal and haven't been able to put it down so to speak.

Many songs courtesy of Meryn's exquisite brain are permanently lodged in mine. I was lucky enough to see her perform years ago in a club in Toronto with my friend Chris who was always dragging me to things I didn't really want to go to. I was glad I went to this event. Meryn was intriguing, creative and made me wish I was a performer.

Back to the Metro article. It mentioned that Ms. Cadell had transitioned into Mr. Cadell and this fascinating tidbit is delved into by Meryn on his journal. There's a Q & A and information about the transition along with some great pieces just on daily life, events and you know, the stuff of journals.

Basically, I'm glad to hear that Meryn hasn't disappeared. There's also talk that there may be a reissue of the CD's which I look forward to.

I'm here where I want to be.

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