Musical Crayons

Getting to participate in one of Splotchy’s Green Monkey Music Project mixes is always a treat. Being involved causes me to think which is something I’m not often accused of doing. This time, without realizing it (or thinking), I played for the third time helping me earn a badge of honour which will allow me to dream up a worthy theme for a mix at a future date.

My choices this time had to fit the theme that there be a colour in the title of the song. Following the rules of Scattergories (and thinking), I tried to come up with songs that most likely nobody else would, a task made easier by not signing on until everyone else had chosen theirs.

A few of my choices ended up with colours in the song title and the artist’s name so thank you for that, artist types. After poring back over the palette I chose, this is why I made the choices I did:

I like these songs and they have colours in the title.

To download my selections or those of the other contributors, head over to Splotchy’s place and get busy.

· Once in a Very Blue Moon - Mary Black
· Beautiful Red Dress - Laurie Anderson
· Crimson and Clover - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
· Orangedale Whistle - The Rankin Family
· The Song of Purple Summer - Lauren Pritchard
· Green Island Lullaby - Vienna Teng
· Pink Panther Theme - Pink Martini


Splotchy said...

Very nice selections, most of which I had never heard before!

Thanks a lot for playing.

I'm looking forward to a Dale mix in the future.

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

I havent ever heard of half the artists... no less the songs! lol
Love the name Pink Martini though! lol

Doc said...

Some amazing selections, but I'd have to say Crimson & Clover is my favorite. I have long suffered from a horrible Joan Jett crush that I can't seem to shake.

Kudos on your choices old friend,

SkylersDad said...

I agree with Doc, that is actually one of my all time fav's!

Bull said...

Again, good stuff! I never told you how much I liked your last crop (esp. The Ponys...I'd never heard of them until then and now they get heavy iPod rotation).

I third Crimson and Clover...always awesome. And Mary Black as well. Her music is a staple on long drives w/ the fam. The kids love singing along.

Dale said...

Glad you enjoyed Splotchy, I usually try and go for some things that I think might be new to you and the gang, I always find some wonderful things in your choices.

Time to download then Helene and have a listen, then come back and tell me what you love and what you hate!

Thanks Doc. I've always loved Crimson and Clover, my sister the nun used to play the Tommy James version incessantly and when Joan covered it, I fell in love again with the song.

Excellent news Skyler's Dad. When it's not death metal or opera, it's some good old Crimson and Clover.

Howdy Bull, I'm glad you liked the songs, The Ponys are a lot of fun. I don't know a lot about Mary but this particular song I just love.

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

ok here it goes... I downloaded 3 sets I think

Purple Haze A
Skull Suitcase and a Long Red Bottle of Wine B+ (just kept waiting for it to get fast and rockin...)
Crimson and CLover A
Pink Panther Theme A (just makes me smile!)
Green Island Lullaby B+(lovely voice!!!)

Skull Suitcase and a Long Red Bottle of Wine B+
Song of the Purple Summer B
Bitter Blue B
Orangedale Whistle c
Once in a Very Blue Moon B-
Beautiful Red Dress B

Didnt care for:
Orangedale Whistle c
Orange Crush C
Beautiful Red Dress C
Furry Green Atom C-
Into White C
Yellow Submarine C+

Very fun! Thanks and Thanks to Splotchy...

BeckEye said...

I remember when that "Crimson and Clover" cover came out and all the buzz was how Joan Jett didn't change the "she" to "he," so she must be one of them there lesbians!

Gifted Typist said...

Love Pink Martini

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oooh I love how Pink Martini have expanded the theme to the song title to band name. Nicely consistent. I loves me some Pink Martini so shall check it out.

X. Dell said...

Interesting concept.

Anonymous said...

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