Abandoned Pools

The security guard in the lobby of my building at work has begun whistling the notes to Summertiiiiiime and the livin' is eaaaasy over and over. This could mean that I’m spending far too much time in the lobby but more likely, it means that he's accepted that warm weather is becoming a memory and so must I.

I had noticed a two day trickle of water running down Honeypot’s driveway last week but I thought she was just marking her territory. The blanks were filled in with the treat of seeing her emerge from her nearly drained pool wearing a sweat suit and rubber boots, a fetching look to be sure. I suppose my dream of seeing her try to ice skate across its frozen top should be put aside.

The trees have also been doing their part to warn me. After a brazen display of colour, they’ve been readying themselves for raking and the nights have definitely grown colder. Perhaps the most obvious sign was watching the snow fall through the train window on the ride home yesterday. Snow, in October, that stayed into today.

It’s not all bad and I'm not really complaining. It's exciting to think that it's time again to start working through the sorting of acceptable distances between the sofa and essentials (snacks, drinks, remote controls) in preparation of my annual near hibernation.

This year I may even give up the pretense that I hate it when the weather’s bad and officially declare myself a shut-in. I wonder if there’s a minimum age before you can apply for Meals-On-Wheels?


Bubs said...

Your description of the security guard and his whistling sounds like a great lead-in to a horror story. Did you know security guards, as an occupation, lead in arsonists and serial sex offenders?

Oh, and too bad about winter coming.

Flannery Alden said...

Well, at least there's going to be more time for Wii!

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Yesterday's snow coincided with the onset of a winter ailment for me. I too would like to hibernate now, please.

Anonymous said...

Aw Dale, I do believe Honey Pot will wheel you over some meals.

Chris said...

Winter sucks when your main mode of transport is a motorcycle...

Hibernation awaits. My comfy robe is freshly laundered for the season.

pistols at dawn said...

Hibernation is the way to go in life.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I know, that felt a little Ray Bradbury there for a second. Do go on!

Holly said...

I suppose my dream of seeing her try to ice skate across its frozen top should be put aside.

Must I also put aside my dream of reading your description of her skating outfit?

Please, would you imagine what she might wear to skate in? I'd be grateful.

BeckEye said...

You know, I can't believe you didn't blog about our Sunday together. Didn't almost being trapped forever at the bottom of the Rock remind you of what is important in life (i.e., me)?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have snow already? I'm sort of jealous.

Dale said...

My whole life is a horror story Bubs so it all fits! I probably shouldn't admit that I was once, long ago, a security guard, should I? The snow is gone now thankfully.

If I can get up off the couch Flannery, it could happen!

Winter ailment's suck Imaginary Reviewer. Are you sure you didn't just imagine it?

Ugh, she'd probably roll it over in one of those spare tires laying on the driveway Suze.

Sounds good Chris, stay warm and stay in!

It's always the answer Pistols.

A couple of the guards would fit right into a Bradbury or Serling scenario Elizabeth.

Fur muff is what popped into my head right away after reading your comment Holly. I feel dirty now.

That was my plan Beckeye, to keep you in delicious suspense. So glad I'm doing something right! I'll blog about you, you demand it!

No jealousy required Mrs. D. It's gone, almost as magically as it came. If more shows up, I'll courier you some!

Cormac Brown said...

Honeypot in a sweatsuit and rubbers, yet you somehow managed not to have a romantic tumble on the driveway? I admire your self-control, Dale.

FranIAm said...

You are officially killing me. Honeypt. Pool. Sweat suit. Boots.

Coaster Punchman said...

You people think you're so cool with your changes of seasons. There's more to life than a little fall foliage, ya know. Like eating outdoors in February. Ha.

sid said...

Seriously snow? Already. We never have snow in Cape Town. I won't mind if it snowed for a day or two.

Allison said...

I have visions of Honeypot ice skating in a tube top now. Hilarious.

We had our first frost this morning. I've escaped winter for the past two years and I think its going to hit me hard this year. Yay hibernation.

the princess said...

i love the winter shut-in. occasionally i go for a tan (yeah, i know it's not great for the skin but it feels warm) and it makes me remember summer for a moment or 2. i have bright pink snowpants and a pink and white jacket to match. if it's really cold i show up to work with it over my dress clothes. i have been there too long to concern myself with what they think. i am warm dammit!

the trickle...marking her territory...haha

Gifted Typist said...

I want to sign up for Wheels on Meals

Chancelucky said...

I assume Honey Pot isn't ice skating this year because it's not an olympic year.

Hibernation actually sounds like a rather pleasant alternative. I could crawl into a cave say with my family, my internet connection, a bunch of DVDs, and maybe some books and hibernate until the rest of America is sane again. Of course, that means I might not come out of my cave until the 22nd century when the earthlings meet the vulcans for the first time, but....it still sounds appealing.

Falwless said...

I've been getting Meals on Wheels for upwards of seven years now. I just don't answer the door and instead yell through it in a very convincable, geriatric voice, to "Just leave it on the doorstep like always, Dearie..."

Seriously, try the meatloaf, it's fucking delicious.

Doc said...

Hibernation means Dale posts more often and who wouldn't look forward to that?


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Now that I am a Lazy Unemployed Bastard I am really relishing the thought of a nasty winter. Sure I still have to drive just as much, taking the Resident Offspring to school and back, but no more Deerfoot Trail for me. I would not turn down an invitation to hunker on your couch for a while though.

Dale said...

It takes everything I have to resist Cormac, resist what I won't say.

I only ever intended to unofficially kill you Fran, I'm so sorry.

We are cool Coaster Punchman, especially as we head through fall into winter. You know I'm jealous.

It's gone now Sid but it'll be back and in larger amounts. Shall I send you some? It's pretty at Christmas but that's about the only time.

With Jack Frost nipping at her....I know Allison! Follow my rules and you'll be okay.

Wear what you must Princess, nothing is off limits in the race to beat winter.

I'll see if I can get you on the list Gifted Typist, I'm still ironing out my arrangements, from the comfort of the couch of course.

She should really be in training all year every year Chancelucky. Hibernation your way sounds very appealing. I can wait until Century 22.

That was my plan too Falwless, to never let them see me in case I'm run out of town. I fucking love meatloaf.

So nice Doc but if I don't go out, nothing might happen and then what will I write about. Going deeper inside the head could be disastrous for all of us!

Wait until I get a new couch Barbara, this one is less comfy than it used to be. I need something I can really collapse in. Then you can have a turn. Congratulations on being the lazy bastard I always thought you were.