The A / V Club Presents Another Audio Post With Visuals

I recorded a new audio post a few days ago but forgot to post it or mention it, inexcusable for an A.V. geek but I have forgiven myself and moved on. The audio link is in my sidebar.

The post is about food and food banks. To help you follow along, here are a few visuals, some of which are related to the post.

The CN Tower

A Can of Red Bull
Vampire Teeth
A toaster that looks more or less like a toaster
A Running Shoe
A Can Opener
A Can of Beans

A warning sign I always heed

Jerri Blank

A nice drink


pistols at dawn said...

Why didn't they just build a food bank out of all that food? Then, it'd be like a taco salad: you could eat the food and the structure it's contained in.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find a taco salad.

Anonymous said...

Red Bull, tuna and beans? Wow, I think I'm going to find Pistols Taco Food Bank.

Mob said...

I thought that food bank donations were what everyone saved their creamed corn and pumpkin pie filling for.

Did you at least add some vodka to the Redbull to get the full experience?

minijonb said...

thank god you didn't include a can of Diet Red Bull... that might have made me sick.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Still trying to figure out how Jerry Blank fits in here, but I suspect she may well be your partner in crime.

And, while I am being an asshole, isn't the term "tuna fish" sort of redundant? It's not tuna beef.

Dale said...

Why aren't you running the world Pistols at Dawn? Taco salad sounds good right about now.

A pretty explosive sounding mix isn't is Suze? I'm right behind you, unless you had the beans first.

Same here Mob, when did they go all tuna and beans on us? I was out of vodka so I mixed it with creamed corn.

Hello MiniJonB, if that's your real name. They have diet as well? Think of all those delicious chemicals!

Finally Barbara! I've been waiting for you to admit to assholery! Um, you have a point. Why didn't I think of that?

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Well, it's partly comforting to hear this. Until now, I would've hesitated to give money to a bum (sorry, "homeless person") if I saw him (or her) guzzling a Red Bull (usually indicative of discretionary income). Now if you could just explain to me how they can sometimes have cell phones...

Allison said...

Red Bull...how interesting?

The visuals were much appreciated :)

genn6 said...

How did the CN Tower get in this? Are they using it for a food bank?

'Bout time.

Distributorcap said...

if you fart on the CN tower does it keel over?

chelene said...

With visuals like those who even needs to listen?

BeckEye said...

I'm having problems with the audio tonight, dagnabit. Fuckin' Macs, man. Nothing but trouble.

So, can you just call me and breathe heavily into the phone?

Coaster Punchman said...

I have a friend who married a Lutheran pastor, got sent with him on an internship and subsequently received boxes of donated canned goods from the local parish as a "welcoming" gift. She called me and said "It's over, I'm officially a charity case." I bet she would have felt a lot better about these donations if they had been presented in creative sculpture form!

Writeprocrastinator said...

Wha? I'm missing something. Is this category: "Things To Bring to a Dale Party?"

Jill said...

Instead of the Red Bull, at the price those thing sell, they could have bought a big variety of vegetable!!
And i think I won't ask you for an homemade drink of your concotion!

X. Dell said...

If it's a running shoe made from baked beans, then perhaps "running on fumes" would be more appropriate.

Dale said...

The cellphones or the nicer shoes than mine thing always makes me crazy BSUWG!

The story must be told in one form or another Allison.

When they pack you in those elevators Genn6, you sort of feel like canned goods.

You should see what happens to it when you open the roof of the Skydome next to it Distributorcap.

I'm working against myself Chelene, it just takes me longer to figure that out than everyone else.

For sarcasm, press 1; for idle chit chat, press 2; for heavy breathing, it's $10.99 a minute - press here. You'll still respect me after right Beckeye?

I'd pay to see a nativity scene done in cans CP. Did they include a can opener at least?

You're in charge of farts WP.

The vegetables after 2 weeks in the lobby might not have been a good idea Jill but I get your point.

The sculpture might have looked more like me too then X. Dell.

Jill said...

Canned vegetables, Dale!! Do I have to point out everything to you?

Writeprocrastinator said...

"You're in charge of farts WP."

No, Dale. With my knowledge of Mexican, Korean, Thai, and Salvadorean cuisines, I must use my power only for good.

Dale said...

I must have misheard you Jill, it's the accent.

I appreciate your restraint WP.