7 Reasons To Keep Moving

Music? What is all this talk of music Beth? That's just not like you!

Last month, I was all about this but now? Well, a different 7 songs have my attention.

1. Australia by The Shins is in heavy rotation and is linked somewhere in this post.

2. DangerHighVoltage.mp3 by Electric Six. This song makes me smirk and smile.

3. Nobody But You.mp3 by Junior Kimbrough. This is some good old tyme blues from a guy who definitely sounds like he's paid his dues. I'm not sure where I picked Junior up but it may have been through dear bastard Mob because I know he's mentioned him a couple of times.

4. O mia babbino caro - Puccini (from the opera Gianni Schicchi which I saw recently. It's one of those pieces that gets used in commercials and films. The version I have is by Mirella Freni but nothing compares to hearing it live and in context).

5. Cellphone's Dead by Beck. This album took a while to grow on me but grow it did. Still hearing lots of new things every time it gets a chance in my ears. I was on a break with Beck when MJ demanded I try it. Thanks Pushy.

6. La Sandunga.mp3 by Lila Downs. Lila first hit my radar on the Frida soundtrack and her voice haunts my dreams.

7. The Future by Teddy Thompson. From the I'm Your Man soundtrack. Worrying about the future and the past has never been as perfectly Pop-O-Matic as this.


Valerie said...

"O mia babbino caro" has a special place in my heart. It's part of the "Room with a view" soundtrack (one of my favorite movies). And I've sung it at several weddings, such a beautiful song.

I have yet to hear it in the context of the opera, live...something to add to my list of things to do before I die.

Beth said...

OOOH! Good list (and sorry I missed your previous meme post). Pete Yorn always covers Junior Kimbrough, so I'm going to enjoy the link you have here. And I should buy the new Shins disc, huh?

The Freelance Cynic said...

I love danger! Great list

Dale said...

I had heard the song many times Valerie and didn't realize until I heard the first few notes that it was in the opera I was seeing and it packed quite an emotional wallop. So you sing too? Most excellent!

I've found The Shins fairly hard to resist Beth. Pete Yorn's always showing up in interesting places isn't he?

Danger is Rodney Field's middle name isn't it Freelance Cynic? Glad you liked the list. Are you doing one? It might get you 250 hits!

Chancelucky said...

Dale, this is the first time I've ever completely struck out on your "what I'm listening to these days" posts. I don't have or know any of this stuff. I guess that means that there's a bunch of music here for me to catch up with....but couldn't you at least be listeing to some Sanjaya Malakar or something?

Dale said...

Might I suggest clicking on a number 6 then sir? It was close CL, Vienna Teng just got edged off the list and I know you know her!

Allison said...

The Shins album took awhile to grow on me, but "Australia" is definetly one of my favourites, good choice. I am off to listen to 3 and 6 now, thanks for the tunes!

jin said...

OHHHH...Dale, I <3 your #4.
Play it all the time.
No matter how many times I listen it still gives me the 'shivers' & I have to stop what I am doing, close my eyes & just listen.....

Valerie said...

My singing "career" started when I was three years old and I would serenade people at Sizzler. :)

Thanks for addming me to your blog roll! You made my day!

Tenacious S said...

Thanks for the tunes! How do you do that? I am a techno-dunce. Funny, I was just eyeballing an upcoming Vienna Teng show. Thanks for including some blues. You know how we like that here in this town.

BeckEye said...

I think I need you to make me a mix CD, Dale.

Flannery Alden said...

How come you didn't list "Girl, You Really Got Me Now" by Sanjaya Malakar?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

O mia babbino caro was the song that first made me appreciate opera, and I will always love it for that. Plus it's a damned fine song.

Dale said...

Fine choices Allison. I'd heard a couple of the Shins songs and then then they started showing up on tv a lot and eventually, I was powerless. Enjoy!

It's really so beautiful isn't it Jin? I'm glad it stops you in your flour covered tracks.

You're easy to please Valerie and that's a plus! Sounds like you're a showgirl from way back.

The blues are such a necessary force sometimes aren't they Tenacious S?

Allison and Barbara showed me the joys of music sharing that way by sending me to http://www.mydatabus.com

You can upload files from your computer, make them public and then cut and paste links in your blog posts. It took a couple of tries but it's not too horrifying a process.

I really enjoy Vienna Teng and would be curious what her shows are like. Let me know if you go.

That might be a doable thing Beckeye. I used to love making the mix tapes / cds.

Damn it Flannery! I thought that was our secret song! Now we'll have to pick another. Girl, you really got me now.

I love it too Barbara although I think it might have been 'welcome to my shop, let me cut your mop' from Bugs Bunny that started me on my way.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Arrgghh!! Dang, my entire childhood just flashed before my eyes. You are of course absolutely right.

You are the Bugs Bunny of our generation.

Coaster Punchman said...

I stopped by here twice to make a funny comment about Mindy + Beck, but I must have been interrupted each time. And now I can't even remember the funny comment. Damn.

Dale said...

Thank you for not calling me Tweety Barbara.

In future, please do not allow anything to interrupt you while commenting Coaster Punchman, it's bad form.

Jake's Mom said...

It's so sad...I don't recognize any of your tunes. It's official, I've become my mother. :(

Coaster Punchman said...

It was all NV's masturbating that distracted me.

Dale said...

You would recognize the opera tune at #4 Jake's Mom. You probably bought a car, a pizza or some shoes while it was playing, you just didn't know it's name.

Yes, her nimble fingers delight CP. I too was mesmerized.