Being Bella

Poor Bella Rossa.

Not only has she failed to make any sort of impression at her local coffee shop but now she must suffer the indignity of having me steal something she posted first.

After you've read her highly entertaining but troubling post, have a look at this amazing representation of 500 years of the women of Western art. Thanks You Tube and Bella!


X. Dell said...

I've seen this video at another site. Fascinating, but while beautiful, the faces are forgettable.

Then again, they don't try to scam coffee, either.

lulu said...

What I find weird is that there are only 6 images where the woman's mouth is at all open and you can see teeth. When I think of beauty, I think of a big wide-mouthed laughing face, not little bow lips.

Anonymous said...

I was struck by how many of them would have to get nosejobs to meet today's Hollywood beauty standard.

John Mutford said...

I quickly realized how little I know about art- I only recognized maybe 5 or so. And one I swear is Carol Burnett, but that can't be.

Reese said...

This is absolutely beautiful, Daley. Thanks for this.

Bella Rossa said...

Oh, yeah, thanks Dale, no one ever knew this video existed until YOUUUUU posted it!

Just kidding, of course, I saw it on someone else's blog first, and they stole it from someone, too.

Hey, you got about $3.95 I could borrow? I need a bagel and some java.

blog Portland said...

Wow. Those chicks need some serious tanning and a gym membership.

Chancelucky said...

cool video. Which one of the faces was Bella?

Bubs said...

MizBubs showed me that video the other day, it's beautiful. Really cool.

And you've been tagged. I'm looking forward to your answer.

Beth said...

Okay, that YouTube thing is pretty darn cool.

mellowlee said...

Ooooh, that is awesome Dale! Thanks for posting it :O)

Flannery Alden said...

Lovely. Just lovely.

The Freelance Cynic said...

Thanks for sending me to such a great post.

Danny Tagalog said...

Thanks Bubs - this is a good one:)

Mother Hen said...


Old Lady said...

Um, seems to be alot of BOOB links at the bottom!

Johnny Yen said...


Jill said...

It's amazing to see that even if beauty standard have change(exceptally the body) certains faces features seem to always pop up!

Dale said...

Interesting observations clever X. Dell.

And what is your position on a gap between the front teeth Lulu?

Very few of them would make the cut you're right PinkFluffy but that makes them more beautiful.

No John, it's Vicki Lawrence.

Glad you liked it Reese.

If it's okay, I'll just send the bagel and java Bella if I can remember you by the end of this comment stream. :-)

Can you believe they go out like that Blog Portland?!

It was her playing the music I think Chance.

Hey Bubs, I've been blog negligent but I'll try and have a look at your tag shortly. I miss you guys even when I'm lazy.

Hi Beth, glad you thought so.

No problemo Ms. MellowLee.

True Flannery Alden.

My pleasure F. Cynic, Bella's got a good thing going as you can see at her blog.

Thanks Bubs for pointing Danny at it.

That's what she said Mother Hen.

Boob links, any relation to sausage links Old Lady?

Hey Johnny Yen, pretty cool huh?

Yes, like eyes, noses and lips Jill.