Saints Preserve Us

Some of you know the lovely and talented Tanya Espanya. She recently did something rather amazing and something I could never do. She moved her blog to Wordpress!

Oh, and she gave birth! At 00:40, June 16, 2007, she and Rowbear welcomed little 9 pound Alexander into the world. Rowbear mentioned that they don't measure the babies now until after they've had their first bath, could be a French thing.

Although Tanya said she didn't want any photos of her looking bedraggled at the hospital, my spies did sneak me a picture of the new recruit.

Congratulations y'all!
I posted an item on Tanya's blog as well because she lent me the secret password. I will now go in and write several posts extolling my many virtures. Oh wait, I already do that here. Never mind.


Flannery Alden said...

Way to go, Tanya!

Thanks for telling us Dale! Tell her we love her!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Wow that kid sure has a lot of hair! Congrats Tanya and Rowbear! I hope you got the good birthing drugs.

lulu said...

Yea! Congrats to her!

chelene said...

Yay! And thank goodness. I was beginning to think that if I got pregnant tomorrow I would still give birth before Tanya!

Coaster Punchman said...

Another virgin birth!

Jill said...

Since when do you compliment Tanya!?!?!

Sans Pantaloons said...

Congratulations to Tanya and Rowbear. Welcome Alexander! Thank you for the update Dale.

Beth said...

He looks just like Tanya Espanya!!!!! And I think I see a little Dale around the eyes; should fatherhood be questioned?

I picked June 16 on her blog; so glad she held him in for forty minutes just for me. Do I win a prize?

p.s. Love that use of y'all.

X. Dell said...

I see, another attempt to make the blogosphere All-Dale-All-The-Time.

Congratulations, Tanya.

Am I the only one here thinking, "Rodney Allen Ripey?"

mellowlee said...

Congrats Tanya and Rowbear!!!!

BeckEye said...

Congrats to Tanya. But, damn I lost the pool...I guessed she would give birth tomorrow! She held that kid in this long, like she couldn't have gone one more day?

Zed said...

Yahoo!!! (... or Google, whichever.)

Congratulations to Tanya and Rowbear, and a big hug to Alexander! I was certain he'd be doing preschool in that belly!

Dale, please let Tanya know how much we love her, and thanks for letting us know. You're not so bad after all. :)

Chancelucky said...

Can you pass around virtual cigars on the Internet?

In this case, maybe Rowbear can pass out ice cream sandwiches.....well maybe just cookies....

Mel said...

That baby looks slighty familiar.

If you want you can go on her blog and extoll MY many virtues haha!

Congrats to everyone!!

Anonymous said...

That pool was fixed!

Dale said...

But are you crushing her with your love Flannery?

Yes, it looks more like him I think. I hope she had a big IV full of painkillers too.

And him. And him too, Lulu.

As long as you're practicing Chelene.

Yes, I believe Rowbear is a virgin Coaster Punchman.

Since I stopped loving you Jill.

My pleasure, as long as I didn't have to catch the baby Sans, I'm all for spreading the news.

I believe that there should be a prize but also feel it may just be the opportunity for babysitting Beth. Yes, the glazed part of the eyes does look like me, uh oh! Y'all.

Not the whole blogosphere X. Dell, just this tiny piece. She's slept with just about everyone so Rodney Allen, well, could be!

I bet they're happy but oh so tired Mel.

Anything to screw it up for you Beckeye, that's what she told me!

Google-y eyes at least Zed. I am only part time so bad.

At the very least Taquitos and Coke Chancelucky! I'll pass that on.

Mel, she's already deep enough in love with you so that's all you get for now.

You're on to something there Bluez. I said August and boom, all of a sudden the brat shows up?!

Old Lady said...

Yes Beth, have you noticed that our nothern friends are picking up on the Southern colloquialisms? Fixin is next!

Tanya and Haanhster are both very lucky this month! Are you the Godfather Dale?

gifted typist said...

Dale, this makes you a blogosphere midwife. Bet you never thought...
thanks for the good work keeping us informed.

But Dale, I thought it was ME you were so over!! ME, not HER!

Creepy said...

That's funny Dale, all this time I thought you were the bearer of bad news. Nice to hear something positive from you for a chance.

Hope Tanya, Alex and R.B. are all doing well!

Grant Miller said...

Wow. Did you tell her the baby totally looks like a cabbage patch doll?

deadspot said...

Silly Dale. Here's a picture of the baby.

Jill said...

I thought we had a love/hate relationship!!!

Dale said...

Fixin as in vittles with all the fixins Old Lady? Or as in I'm a fixin to be the Godfather? Which I'm not.

How could I ever get over you Gifted Typist. We've only just begun...

I'm very sorry to have let the sunshine in like that Creepy. I'll try and do better.

I wouldn't dare Grant, she thinks he's cute.

Hilarious Deadspot! All babies start out like that don't they?

You're half right Jill.