Les Miz

Last night, in protest that Ace was not sent home from American Idol, I took a stand and shaved my beard off.

Okay, one has naught to do with the other but it serves two purposes. It keeps things all about me and lets me explain my pleasure at seeing Ace in the bottom 3 again.

I think I find it so enjoyable because each time they say his name, he forgets to try and make love to America with his eyes, he stops smiling and goes pale(r). He's too busy gripping his little toque and taking a pee on national television. I love that.

So Lisa got the boot. She had a great attitude about it and one that will serve her well when she gets the call that Carnival Cruises hired Paris instead.


n.v. said...

hahaha!! Last paragraph (if you can call it that) kills. Dale, you slay. Yes. Didn't know you were a beard man. Didn't imagine you were a beard man. When I masturbate to your blog, I picture you clean shaven and wearing a pink Lacoste shirt. Don't let me down.

Dale said...

Imagine me with a beard, now imagine it gone, and think of me wearing a shirt made out of alligator, not just one with a picture of an alligator.

n.v. said...

Dale, you know how to tickle the mental poonanner. Now imagine me with a beard. Now . . . masturbate.

Dale said...

I love a bearded girl! Takes me back to my circus days.

Anonymous said...