Mustache Sally

Your hair is home coloured and poorly. It's streaked with what looks like sadness and mud. Your skin gives off a glare. Is that you humming I am beautiful no matter what they say? I hope that's enough to keep you going but your mirror's really got to got to got to stop lying to you.

And what is it with the lovely pin curl ringlets framing your face? They remind me of my second oldest sister's graduation photo. So are you still trying to graduate from the 70's or is it just that you identify with a lot of Hasidic Jews?

Tell me why and I'll tell you why not.


n.v. said...


Dale said...

I'm shocked you'd laugh at my description of you, tsk tsk. Ok, it's maybe not you.

n.v. said...

It can't be me -- my mustache is almost all lasered away! And I don't pincurl. I curl naturally.

Hasidic Jews smell like wool. I lived in a neighbourhood full of them.