This Little Light Of Mine

People look at me funny sometimes and I’m never sure – is it that I look particularly striking or has my mild colour blindness resulted in some sort of style aberration worthy of widespread disdain? Or is it because Jesus makes them jealous of me?

This morning for instance, on the train, it’s a boring ride in so I decide to tear it up a bit. First I jump up and strike a pose with my iPod that’s suitable for framing. Then, because I'm listening to my Oh Happy Day gospel playlist, I shout out a few times, you know the whole Can I Get A Witness routine?

I get a few funny looks. They’re probably just wondering where I got the Praying Hands shorty robe I often wear in transit. Or maybe they’re confused by the contrasting belt which has racing flames on it that I suppose could be taken for the fires of hell. A little juxtaposition goes a long way.

A complete disdain for organized and disorganized religion should be encouraged. But once in a while if y’all just sat down (not with me) and got your gospel groove on, the world would be a better place.

No Christians, Muslims or Jews were harmed in the writing of this post. If they were, it was their own doing.


n.v. said...

And they deserved it.

I'm always saying "Can I get an A-ay-meh-ehn!" like the preacher in Coming to America. I come to praise the lord!

I really do love gospel music, Dale. Gregorian Chants are a favourite, too. And I can sing Ave Maria in Latin like you wouldn't believe (no joke).

Dale said...

I like the wacky chanting chipmonks too. And I think you need to change the face of Canadian Idol forever with your audition song of A.M. in Latin.

n.v. said...

I'm a mezzo soprano. I'm the chick that doesn't get the guy. Second skimmings. Not a star.

Dale, have you ever seen the movie Under the Piano? It stars Megan Follows, Amanda Plummer -- who are both fabulous -- and Canadian opera singer Teresa Stratas. Well, have you? Because you gotta.

Dale said...

I haven't seen Under The Piano. I just read the synopsis online and will see if I can find it around. I'm sure there's some intensity with Amanda Plummer being in it! I like her.

So you're Mezzo Soprano? You're not Tony & Carm's kid are ya?

I like the way you summed all that up you big skimmer.