The Morning Fog

I went to see Sandra Shamas at the Winter Garden a few years back.

I remember that I laughed at her hilarious take on how as women approach a certain age, they start to lose nouns.

I can't remember with certainty what the name of the show was.

She described the Jedi mind tricks your brain plays on you:

You find yourself at the dinner table struggling to get out can you pass me the clear shaky thing with the white seasoning crystals when all you really want to say is pass the salt.

Sandra did assure everyone that the nouns do eventually return to you, their rightful owner.

I've lost a few nouns lately. Does her theory apply to men too then? Well, if it's happened to me, it must be so.

Waving my hands around while I talk buys me a little time and usually the word I need appears on the end of my fingertips. From there I flick it into my mouth so it can pop back out at the moment just before embarassment rears.

Something else I've forgotten to do lately is give a shit about anything. So, I'm going to wave my hands around, hope that the nouns continue to issue forth and soldier on. I'm so brave.

The show was called Wit’s End, that's it.


Reese said...

My mother's like that, Dale. She has no nouns at all. I can't tell you how much I want to punch her in the face when she's waving her arms around like that. I don't know. I suppose that makes me a bad person or something.

See you!

Dale said...

Do it! Punch her! Right in the face! And then say 'See you!' like you did to me. Hahaha.

Reese said...

Okay, if you insist - I'll knock my mother out.

Reese said...

dude, i was just reading another conversation you had on this blog about books - i checked the books you listed on your blogger profile - lullaby - is that the chuck palinuik book? i've been desperate to read one of his books (I had 'diary") in mind, but i have such a big stack of books that i've bought and haven't read that i don't want to buy a new one. i go to chapters now and then and read a few pages, then a few more ...

Dale, you're so "indie." You totally remind me of John Cusack. I'm going to listen to my old Replacements albums and pretend I'm Dale (kidding). Okay, hope you're having a super night! Talk to you later!

Dale said...

RW - you so remind me of an actress but I can't put my finger on it, hmmm.

If you call indie forgetting what year it was I actually saw the Replacements in concert at the Masonic Temple in Toronto, then I'm indie baby. Only without John Cusack's wallet.

Lullaby is the Chuck P. novel. He's twisted and enjoyable. I read Diary as well but preferred Lullaby I think. All his books have a bit of genius and disappointment in them.

n.v. said...

Witherfork, you're Canadian! Now I like you more.

Lullaby is good. Haunted is one I couldn't get into -- it's so disjointed. But will try again.

If you guys like Palahniuk and his novels of crisis and the self, try Paul Auster. He's a mindfuck. The Book of Illusions was amazing and right now I'm reading The Brooklyn Follies.

Dale said...

I'll try the Paul Auster Ms. non. With Chuck P., the one that disturbed me beyond my usual was Choke. I didn't need to be where he ended me up.