Movie Minute

I watched a few dvds on the weekend.

Domino -- despite the spotty reviews and suffering a bit from it's length, I thought it enjoyable. Although some may have found the thumping soundtrack a bit jarring, I felt I had to do the right thing and just blast it at top volume. Sometimes it's all about the surround sound, I mean the visceral.

In the making of feature, it was said that the real Domino Harvey was a model. Perhaps a model for ugly masks. Okay, she had striking features but just not as pretty say, as Keira Ka-nightly who played her. Oh Keira, ye of the much lauded impossible cheekbones and the not so lauded weird teeth which I'm guessing caused those cheekbones.

It was based on a true story about Domino Harvey, Laurence Harvey's daughter, becoming a bounty hunter.

Creepy Mickey Rourke was in it along with blacker than black Delroy Lindo, the funny Mo'Nique and strangely, Macy Gray who not surprisingly plays someone pretty vacant.

I also watched The Squid and the Whale -- if you feel like you need to possibly hate Jeff Daniels and Laura Linney more than you already do, run, don't walk. Those two get honourable mention for annoying me with every performance of theirs that I've been sentenced to. This must be due to their skills as ack-tors or they're just plain detestable in real life and that translates.

The film might just bring you back to a place like the happy spot where you would have crash landed if your parents split when you were 9 or 15.

It evokes all the fun of how knotted inside you might get, how you could probably pull some pretty crazy shit and then blame it on the split and then help you justify all those therapy bills later on when all your own relationships fail.

Good job from all (especially the kids) but I just didn't feel it necessary for me to see. Plus I'm Purelling twice as often now than I did before. Don't ask.

The Corpse Bride was very clever and bouncing good fun especially for the first 20 minutes or so. I then thought it just got a bit boring -- like hurry up and resolve everything. Would have been a stellar short(er) film.

Lazy lazy me and my mini movie muckraking, tsk tsk.


Reese said...

I need to see Domino. I like Kiera Ka-nightly. See you!!

n.v. said...

I hate Kiera with her phony pouting and sharp-as-Ginsu collarbone that she tries to pass off as fashionable. Talentless emaciated cuntgum.