Friday's Deal With The Devil Ten

What a week - work and winter are wearying me (and forcing bad alliteration).

I'm ready to make a deal with the devil and be done with it all. Perhaps tonight. I'm going to see Faust at the opera and from the bits I've read, it involves Monty Hall and a guy with a tail.

I'm hoping an opera that goes to hell can help me feel like I'm in heaven but then again, it is in French. We'll see. While I wait to find out, that old devil called iPod offers you this...

1. I've Got The World On A String - Tony Bennett & Diana Krall (Live on Letterman)

2. Who Am I (Remix) - Sound Providers

3. The Morning Fog - Kate Bush

4. Window Up Above - Ralph Stanley with George Jones

5. Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But... - Arctic Monkeys

6. One More Time - Ruth Brown

7. Young Hearts Run Free - Candi Staton

8. L'Effet Que Tu Me Fais - Edith Piaf

9. Circus - Tom Waits

10.Burn - Tanto Metro & Devonte


gizmorox said...

What's with you and the Kate Bush lately? She scares the bejesus out of me.

Johnny Yen said...

Great list. You and Bubs had Tom Waits songs on your Random Tens today-- why didn't I get any?

"Window Up Above" is one of my favorites-- I'd only heard George Jones' original-- was the Ralph Stanley/George Jones collaboration from a live set?

What a great duo, Tony Bennett and Diana Krall!

Bubs said...

What a great list! Who are the Arctic Monkeys? I'm disposed to like them, because monkeys are fun.

It's great to see Edith Piaf turning up on your list. I needs to get me some Edith Piaf.

Jill said...

Edith Piaf, again!!! Still not getting why this singer comes out once in a while in your shuffle!!
I could make you the translation of the opera, but than again, you don't like french!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I actually love opera, and used to have season's tickets back when I could get the cheap student seats (approximately 100 years ago). I understand they now have subtitles at the opera, which I think is akin to not getting fries with your raw hamburger.

Coaster Punchman said...

I thought Monty Hall was dead. At least he should be.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"L'Effet Que Tu Me Fais - Edith Piaf"

"Le vie en Dale?" Ma, ouis.

Yasamin said...

i've no one to go with me to the opera here. :(

Dale said...

I can't understand your fear Giz, she's dumpy and middle aged now, like me. I may be insane but I'm harmless!

I've noticed Mr. Yen that Tom Waits often figures on Bubs' lists which makes him cooler than ever.

The Ralph Stanley/George Jones is from an album called Clinch Mountain Country and it's a studio track. Love it too.

It's a good performance from crazy kids Diana & Tony.

Hey Bubs, your list is excellent as always. The Arctic Monkeys are a group of UK upstarts who've been wowing the critics and keeping a level head about it which is great. They've got energy and some humour on the go too which them o-tay in my books.

It's strange Jill because I think I only have one Edith Piaf cd loaded in my iTunes that someone lent to me but she does come up a lot. She's good and persistent though so I like that.

I love opera too Barbara and the surtitles make it that much more worthwhile. They're a Canadian invention you know and now used worldwide. Is my comment supersized enough?

Either that or he and Abe Vigoda should be out drinking together. Or is he dead too? I dunno CP.

Mais oui, WP.

Go alone then Yas. Beauty is sometimes easier to see when you're not co-filtering.

Jill said...

Just say it out loud:You love french music!!! You just in a denying phase!!

Dale said...

I love french music.