I love a good backlash especially if it's well deserved. I'm not talking about the fun leave a welt on your back kind but the lashings provided by the general public to any celebrity they've been overexposed to.

Many seem to be giving Rachael Ray a hard time lately and I only had to tune in for about 2 minutes today to understand why.

What do I know about Rachael? She's had a few shows on the Food Network where she seemed a perky regular sized everygal who travelled around to cool places and ate well. All in good fun. Then at some point, Oprah seems to have caught, bought and released her and now she's got an empire on the build. Good for her. Oprah? Call me.

Back to my point, Rachael said E.V.O.O. instead of extra virgin olive oil three times in a very short span on today's episode. The audience adoringly chuckled each time, I did not. She provided several tips along the lines of remember to peel the orange before you eat it and season to taste! as the adoring audience clapped and bleated their adoration. She's really working hard for that money isn't she? As I'm not a fan of the perky people, I have to join the backlash and say, I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna bake it anymore.

Oh and by the way, a little E.V.O.O. works wonders on dry and cracked skin. Like on your back. I've heard.


Old Lady said...

That EVOO is not new though. I have watched her from time to time, pre-Oprah, for the past couple of years and she has always used that. Her schtick on Food Channel is a meal in 30 minutes and she has been villified for that by non-professionals saying her prep & cooking times are innaccurate.

But, I saw the talk show thing and thought, that's a bit much. I mean I do like her cooking show, but I can't imagine having all that air time. Supersaturation is a waste for sure.

Bubs said...

Thank you for doing your part in the Rachel Ray backlash. She represents the dumbing down of cooking and the triumph of perky uber alles. Anthony Bourdain unapologetically refers to her as a "bobblehead." What's really creepy is that she's tuned that perkiness up to the point of mania over the past year or so. She didn't start out that way.

At their best, cooking shows expose people to the delights of fine cooking and eating, to the real pleasures of food. Compare Rachel Ray to Julia Child, Jacque Pepin, Graham Kerr or even Emeril Lagasse and see how far the cooking show has fallen.

Tenacious S said...

I prefer bitchy Martha. You know that woman could whip egg whites to a stiff peak.

Tenacious S said...

Oh, and what about Floyd? Now there was a man with The Stranglers as his theme song and liquor in his belly. Now that's a cooking show.

Grant Miller said...

If you're looking for perky babes on TV, you need to check Samantha Brown. She is my fave.

darling24_7 said...

And how would you make use of Ophrahs backing? :)

Oh and I have no idea who R.Ray lady is. Cooking I see.

Shroom-Monkey said...

I hate Rachel Ray... Her food sucks too, everything I have ever cooked of hers either had to be totally scrapped or adjusted "to taste" I don't care for perky bitches myself, they all need to be stuffed, mounted and dragged from the back of tow truck... blah...

yeah I am home on vday, yup that is why I am bitter, yes, I have been drinking.... shut up!

Jill said...

Did you have that EVOO massage fantasy, again??

Johnny Yen said...

I'm sorry, perky or not, I think she's pretty damned cute. She's on my short list of girls I'd date if I hadn't met my wife.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I saw her a few times when she had that show where she was travelling around eating stuff. The woman never ate a meal she didn't love! Every mouthful was mmmmmm, mmmm this and mmmm, mmmm that. I felt like I was watching porn.

Zed said...

I can't tolerate her. But believe it or not, she's improved in the E.V.O.O area. She used to always say that viewers should use "E.V.O.O.: extra-virgin olive oil." In other words, she'd give the abbreviation and followed by the definition EVERY SINGLE TIME. Endlessly.

Now look, Rachel, If you're going to use an abbreviation to SAVE TIME, then don't explain its meaning every single friggin' time. (Wow, she's really got me worked up: I never use the word "friggin'.")

I couldn't be in the same room as her for more than 15 minutes. The animated facial expressions, the perkiness, the cuteness, the cheerfulness, the loudness, the E.V.O.O.--someone stop me please. Ugh.

But other than that, I like her. :)

Writeprocrastinator said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Katie said it was Sunday and I've heard that you can be quite perky, at times.

X. Dell said...

(1) I don't get it. Did Ray have some misgiving about uttering the word "virgin?"

(2) Oprah was the grassy knoll? That would explain why Jack Ruby's on her back. That would also explain the cops and secret service crawling all over her.

Maybe Mary Mooreman has photos. Ya think?

Mob said...

She's quite cute, but her talk show is the weirdest hodge podge of subject matter I've seen in awhile.

I think I can handle her in small doses, but have to eventually change channels.

Valerie said...

My husband and I agree, she has the body of a 12-year old boy. That's not a compliment.

I will admit, yes, I like her 30 minute meals show and own one of her cookbooks.

But I watched her talk show a few times and couldn't handle it. Yes, too much perkiness.

Did you know she has a magazine too? This girl is a total media whore.

Am I jealous, maybe a litle bit.

Dale said...

She's been annoying people with it for years then Old Lady? I remember the 30 Minute Meals show vaguely and also the one where she went around living on 25 bucks a day or something. Maybe she should try for superunpolysaturation?

She is a bit of a Bobblehead now Bubs. Good old Julia and good old Dan Akroyd doing good old Julia, ah, the classics. Graham Kerr was cool too because he was snapped most of the time wasn't he?

Fold Martha and Floyd together and we'll all get stiff together Tenacious S. Maybe I should put that one back in the oven? It didn't quite turn out did it?

Samantha is perky and you are brave for saying so Grant Miller. I see that your blog gets hit on a lot for Sam.

I think I'd use the backing to finance a little humility for her and then spend the rest on drugs.

That was all real Jill. And full release.

But did you make her list Johnny Yen?

You're right Barbara, she did a lot of mmmming and ohhhhing on that show. Were the big grins all about the food?

I wonder if you could have made your comment any more abbreviated Zed? That is hilarious that she used to spell and say!

Thanks Write Procrastinator, it was as perky as it needed to be.

Check with Mary on the photos X. Dell. Debra Wilson on MAD TV used to do Oprah and she said that once about 'I was the grassy knoll' and it's always stayed with me.

Hodgepodge. Good assessment Mob! When I write to her, that's the word I'm using.

I've spied the magazine on the rack too Valerie and wonder when I'm getting my own shot at it? How hard can it be? That's my first topic.

wonderturtle said...

She is incredibly annoying. Just like Oprah, that's right, I said it!

lulu said...

YUM-O. Gag. I can't take more than about 5 seconds of her, although I really want her oven.

Dale said...

I applaud your courage Wonderturtle and note that you didn't even cry during the declaration. Much love.

Then the oven you shall have Lulu! If you buy one. Ovens not included in the price of this blog.

justacoolcat said...

So much perk it hurts.
The W.W.R.R.D. should be die.

Coaster Punchman said...

I've always thought that people who criticized my darling Rachael were evil. Y'all can go to straight to hell. But I will agree with the overexposure thing. My girl is clearly on speed. Plus, she's about run out of recipes and some of the shit she has to create just to keep up with herself is just plain no good. I liked her 30 Minute show back when it was brand new because she taught a lot of basics without undue frill. And for one, I like perky. It sure beats the usual New York asshole-bitch-from-hell demeanor that I seem to have captured so well!!

Rachael dear, if you're reading this, you know I love you honey but you should really stick to 6 or 7 shows a week instead of 30. 'k?

Dale said...

I don't know if she should be die Coolcat but maybe if she'd just stop being so cutesy.

I do plan on going straight to hell so everything's lined up properly CP. Doesn't your comment sort of say that you used to like her? Perky bitch.