Tate Friday Ten

I recently realized that the theme music for the hilarious BBC sketch comedy series The Catherine Tate Show is actually from a song by the late great Kirsty MacColl.

So I'm kicking off with In These Shoes and going from there.

InTheseShoes.mp3 - Kirsty MacColl

Nobody But You - Junior Kimbrough

If I Didn't Love You - Squeeze

You've Got A Lot To Answer For - Catatonia

Joga - Bjork

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

Built For Comfort - Marva Wright

The Killer - Lalo Schifrin

(Talk To Me Of) Mendocino - Kate & Anna McGarrigle

The Pan Within - The Waterboys


deadspot said...

Catherine Tate is fabulous. (geek)Did you know that she's going to be in the next season of Doctor Who? At the end of the last season she showed up in the TARDIS in a wedding dress.(/geek)

The word verification word for this post is "tkqmp". As we all know, that is the acronym for The King's Quiet Member of Parliament. It is a hereditary position, but has no voting rights. In fact, a TKQMP is not allowed to speak when parliament is in session.

lulu said...

In These Shoes is a total Lulu song. Thanks for the early morning fun!

Dale said...

You are now officially part of my geeky Catherine Tate posse Deadspot. I'd heard she'd be on Dr. Who and thanks for the excellent geeky word verification info. You are welcome to exercise speaking rights on this blog.

Glad you liked that Lulu, I laughed when I heard it, her attitude in the song and the whole set up is perfect. And then my list shifts from shoes to blues. What can I say?

Johnny Yen said...

I had to look up the lyrics to "Talk to Me of Mendocino" having just been there for a wedding a year and a half ago. For a tiny little place, it's had at least two songs written about it (the McGarrigle Sisters song and Doug Sahm's "Mendocino")-- understandable when you go there-- it's a lovely place, set amongst the redwoods of Northern California. Wish I were there now.

I'm a big Waterboys fan!

Johnny Yen said...

Deadspot was also at that wedding.

BeckEye said...

You had me at Squeeze.

Tanya Espanya said...

Kristy McNichol is a singer?

And how nice and surprising that another geek showed up on your blog, Dale! (that would be one Deadspot, if that IS his real name.)

Beth said...

(Huh. My previous comment didn't make it. Must stop using naughty words.)

I love anything Kirsty MacColl sang. What a loss.

And isn't "If I Didn't Love You" one of the most fun songs — lyrically and musically? I'm singing it aloud now, much to the chagrin of my art director.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Kirsty MacColl was wonderful, it's still hard to believe she's gone.

I haven't listened to Kate and Anna for a long time, nor the Waterboys. Must fix this. There's a whole pile of folks on your list I have no idea who they are. Well done you.

Dale said...

It's a pretty song for a place that sounds enchanting Johnny Yen. The McGarrigles are enchanting in their own right. The Waterboys are so great aren't they? The next time you're at a wedding with Deadspot, please discuss.

I remember your love of a good Squeeze Beckeye!

Leave Deadspot McNichol out of it Tanya. You've already poisoned half my blog friends with your wicked ways.

I'm pretty sure you know so many ways to be wicked Beth. Where is Maria McKee anyway? You need to do some audio blogging Beth!

Well, you oughta know better Barbara. I should have posted links to all of the mp3s but didn't have time. You could have then said, why the hell is he listening to that? Actually, I'm a little in love with this list.

Jill said...

I am still waiting for a list that I would at least know half the songs or singer!!

Writeprocrastinator said...

So, be honest Dale, have you any dreams you'd like to sell?

Dale said...

Maybe you need to look a few new people up Jill? It's always great hearing new music.

I wonder if selling them would cheapen them somehow WP? It worked for Fleetwood Mac but could it work for Dale?

Writeprocrastinator said...

Oooh, good answer!

Dale said...

Thanks WP. You set me up.

Grant Miller said...

I love Kirsty MacColl.

The Gifted Typist said...

Thanks for the Britcom tip on Catherine Tate. I'm a total Little Britain head, also The Office, British version, and Ab Fab or anything with French and SAunders

Why can't Canada produce fresh and funny humour shows like that? (Other than Trailer Park Boys, which isn't so fresh anymore and should probably end while on a high)

Also love and miss Kirsty M

Dale said...

Hi Grant, she was so great.

I'm not sure why we haven't figured it out either Gifted Typist, maybe because we're not running things?

Catherine Tate is I expect a national treasure by this time to the Brits. Little Britain, The Office, French & Saunders, AbFab -- all brilliant I agree. Catherine's not available here on dvd although you'll find her if you're looking hard enough!