It Did What?

I'm an eavesdropper from way back. My ear wanders specifically for the joy of hearing things like my latest favourite:

It evaporated into mid-air.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I too love it when people take hackneyed cliches and still manage to get them wrong. Makes me feel all superior and shit.

I wonder if the salad eater's sister ever found a date? I wonder if the salad eater ever signed up for remedial fork holding classes?

haahnster said...

That's how I describe many of my farts.

Coaster Punchman said...

You are indeed a kindred spirit. I aspire to be an eavesdropper, yet find myself too hard of hearing to be much use for this in a restaurant. So the next time we're out to dinner together I'll expect you to do the work for both us while I bore you.

Reese said...

When I eavesdrop lately I hear a lot of like, like, like and a lot of double negatives, ie: I don't got no such n' such. I don't know why, but the double negatives just make me furious. Truly livid! It's crazy, Daley!

Dale said...

I feel the same way Barbara. And shit. Haha. I bet they're both still miserable today.

And how do you describe the rest Haahnster. I'm not sure I want you to answer that.

Watch for smiles and head nodding with a certain head tilt while I pretend to hear you CP.

Hearing the double negatives makes me a little crazy too Reese. We have to find new crowds to hang out with.

Mob said...

My absolute fav line to overhear anywhere is always along the lines of "..We were conversating.."

I have come perilously close to turning and shouting "Conversing! You were conversing with them! If you can't understand that, just say that you were talking, dammit!" and then scamper away like the Madcap Grammar Dick that I always wanted to be when I imagined being a comic book superhero in my youth.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"It evaporated into mid-air."

As opposed to:

A) Thin air.
B) The stratosphere.
C) The same dimension that monkeys fly out of people's butts.
D) Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
E) Into the head of schizo, causing them even more turmoil.

Tenacious S said...

You can add my daughter, Sweetness, to the eavesdropper club. One night after dinner (she was about 8 or 9 at the time) she walked into the kitchen where I was talking to Mr. Ten S. She asked, "What do you call it when you listen and people don't know you are?" I told her it was called eavesdropping. She smiled and said, "Oh, I do that all the time!" and off she skipped. I often wonder what she knows.

Dale said...

Isn't it strange Mob that it comes up quite a bit? Are the people using it just constantly conversating and eavesdropping? And sorry, Dave has already taken the moniker Letterman! You're destined to be MGD a while longer.

A lot of strange things happen in Moose Jaw so that's as likely a possibility as any Write Procrastinator.

Always be kind to Sweetness Ten. S. You don't want to know. I'm an eavesdropper from way back too.

"jew" "girl" said...

oh, I so love when my ears wander, too. please note the lack of responsibility in that statement.

Dale said...

It's not my fault either "jew""girl"! I swear.

X. Dell said...

Evaporating into mid-air is pretty good. If it evaporates in high air, you might not be able to reach it. And if it evaporates in low air, you have to bend over to retrieve it.

Dale said...

It's just right!