Reach Out And Touch

I was talking to my Mom last night as it was her 77th birthday.

She told me that one of my sisters will be taking her to see Michael Buble when he hits her town in February. She asked my sister to see if she can get front row seats because she'd like to touch him.

I'm not sure what her regular boyfriend Jesus will think about that but my Dad's probably okay with it.


Beth said...

Maybe Michael Buble is more than the second coming of Sinatra*. Maybe He's the Second Coming.

*Highly debatable. I personally would annoint Jamey Cullum in that slot. Well, after Harry Connick Jr. And him after Frank Jr.

Evil Genius said...

Frances Albert actually kissed me on the forhead before dying and then tucked an orange silk hadkerchief into my breast pocket and whispered, "She's all yours, kiddo" to me. So technically now it is MY world and you are all just living in it.

So Dale, if your mom would like to touch the hem of my garment, I would willingly oblige. And Beth, the line forms on the right, dear.

Jacy said...

My mother is turning 77 on Tuesday. I don't like to think of her having a libido. **Shudder**

chelene said...

I heard he walks through the audience. Your mom should be more concerned with getting an aisle seat if she wants to cop a feel of his Buble.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Happy birthday, Mrs Dale!

Make sure your mom wears new panties to the concert, in case there is any throwing involved. Just sayin'

X. Dell said...

Hmm. I guess Buble's mellow style is suitable for a 77 year old, but I'm sure you're mom is drawn to him simply because of sex appeal.

Wish her a happy birthday for me.

Mob said...

Wow. Just wow.

Be thankful she only wants to touch the man and won't be trying to throw some sort of undergarments onstage with a hotel number written on them.

Margo Moon said...

You dad is the hero of this story. I just wish everybody could see that.

Dale said...

He'd better deliver Beth or she'll be having a word with the Big Guy about his longevity.

We're so lucky you let us even hang around Evil Genius. Now my Mom can have her Cake and eat it too!

As long as it's you shuddering and not her Jacy, it's all good.

Although it pains me to think of any of it Chelene, I'll pass along your helpful hint.

Everyone thought it but only you had the nerve Barbara. I'm bone-shakingly horrified. Not that kind of bone.

If I give her your wishes, she might ask what you look like and when you're going on tour X. Dell. Be prepared.

Mob, another friend I can always count on. Instead of happy thoughts, it's all creep and circumstance now!

You're a gifted observationalist Margo Moon!

Allison said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!

I was Michael Buble while walking on the street in Vancouver once. I can never trust anyone who smiles that much.

Zed said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom, Dale. I hope you cut out some special snowflakes for her.

I could listen to Michael Buble endlessly, but please don't make me look at him. He looks like a back-alley thug. (I base this observation on the millions of back-alley thugs I've known in life.)

Melly said...

My mother would have been 77 on Sept. 19th. I miss her. She was in love with Tony Bennett..always wanted to see him in person but didn't make it. I went to a concert of his in Mountainview, CA. I sent a note, telling him to sing a song for my ma..he did! He sang "Fly Me To The Moon". Damn, I miss my mom.

I say,libidos for everyone! I'll take two please.

BeckEye said...

To repurpose an old Norm MacDonald quote about Kenny G...

Happy Birthday, Mama Dale! Hope you like crap!

Coaster Punchman said...

The first thing that popped into my head when I read this was "Tony! She was a who-ah!"

jewgirl said...

If he's a disciple of Jesus, I don't think it's cheating. I think she can even put in a request for a threesome, but that would have to be with Jesus himself.

Happy Birthday to Mama.

pistols at dawn said...

Happy birthday to Ma Dukes indeed!

At first, I was a little frightened I didn't know who Michael Buble is, but then I thought, "You know, Pistols, if you made the same pop culture references at 77-year-olds, I think that'd be the more troubling outcome."

Then I thought about cake.

gifted typist said...

I'm not getting Michael Buble. Maybe if he changed his name, I could take him more seriously

But I hope your mama enjoys him.

Dale said...

Yeah, he's a bit chipper and smarmy for my liking Allison. I actually saw him perform here once and all it did was make me wish I'd seen the original Rat Pack.

I don't mind hearing him either Zed but yep, he's on Junior Thug Watch.

Too bad you Mom didn't get a chance to see Tony, Melly but great of him to sing the song for you.

Haha, you love him Beckeye, you know you do. Norm I mean. So did I until he started being the voice of these animated Beavers they use for the phone company here.

That's funny even if I don't know where it's from CP.

For a woman who takes most of her advice from a priest, they'd probably work something out Katie. Wear the collar Michael.

Mmmm cake, good suggestion Pistols. Screw you Maw and your highfalutin' concerts.

She'll be in heaven Gifted Typist, like she's 70 again!

Old Lady said...

We all have our heros and dreams. Sigh.

Dale said...

There's something in that sigh Old Lady. Do tell.