What Have You Come As?

Is there anything better than having a Monday off work? Yes, of course there is, but it's still pretty damned sweet.

I've spent my 'extra' day doing very important things like spying on my neighbors, leafing through the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue wondering if I should order the animatronic singing and talking Elvis (a bargain at $299.95), and catching up on all the interesting television I've recorded.

My treat du jour was from the venerable BBC but aired on Bravo. Kombat Opera Presents is a quirky show that parodies television shows in a comedic operatic style. These are the same folks behind the acclaimed Jerry Springer: The Opera.

The episode I caught was a parody of The Apprentice complete with an arrogant Trump-like blowhard charging the poor apprenti with designing new costumes for the Church of England.
It was pretty hilarious and they easily packed more entertainment into 30 minutes than Donald and his minions did in six whole seasons. The only good parts of the real show were of course, Donald's hair and occasional glimpses of the beautiful Malaria.

It's probably a good time for me now to have a nap, an absolute essential when you're as lazy as I am. Directly following, I plan to continue wondering why the brilliantly funny Australian show Kath & Kim doesn't air here.

It follows the travails of a mother and daughter team blissfully unaware of their own trashiness. How could you not love the sexy Kim showing off her cultural awareness with the prounoucement that she likes drinking Cardonnay, the h is silent, it's French! or Kath referring to her husband Kel, Purveyor of Fine Meats, as a great hunk of spunk?

Perhaps it's not as funny in print and without the Aussie accents but that's alright, I don't mind reliving it in my head.

After all this strenuous wondering, I'll no doubt feel like another nap after which I'll brush my hair one hundred times just like Donald does every night and then head for bed.

Don't hate me for having a day off, I can give you several other good reasons.


John Mutford said...

Glad you haven't wasted your day off. Nice work if you can get it!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Is that Kath with the endearing little muffin top belly? (I have a very similar one at home. Oh no wait, I brought it with me to work.)

I'd love to see her take on Malaria Trump in a cage match.

T said...

I am working on having my brain really melt to the TV. I just can't drag my couch-ass that close to the set.

pistols at dawn said...

This show sounds enjoyable. However, as it is not Pensacola: Wings of Glory, I am afraid that it would be unpatriotic for me to watch it.

Dale said...

Zzzzzz. Hello John! It wasn't a waste to me.

She'd best Malaria with no problem Barbara, she's a world class hornbag. Well, both of them are but my money's on Kath.

You need a bigger teevee T.

Far be it for me to wrest you from that which you think is right and good Pistols at Dawn!

Writeprocrastinator said...

Why buy an Elvis when you can see one for the price of a train ticket, every weekday?

gifted typist said...

Dale you like Kath & Kim too! Oh we WERE meant to be.

Melinda June said...

Last night Kim entered the baby in a kid's talent contest because she thinks she sings. She taught her to coo a Black-Eyed Peas song.

And Kombat Opera. Now THAT is one fine bit of television.

X. Dell said...

I wonder if someday Kombat Opera might do something retro, like spoofing Sanford & Son.

Kath and Kim sound interesting enough for me to look around the web to see if anyone has posted an episode.

Coaster Punchman said...


Dale said...

I know, he's still hounddoggin' me WP, I thought I was free when he wasn't there a few days but he's back.

No way Joe-zay! I knew you were quality people GT!

You've got all the good stuff over there Melinda June, please share always! I'll be watching episode 4 tonight. Can't wait to hear Eponee Ray belt one out. Oh, the Kombat Opera was excellent!

Throwing a retro fit might be right up their alley X. Dell. K&K do have episodes around the web, let me know what you think.

Who you calling chunt CP?

hapabukbuk said...

omyGOD i just discovered kath and kim (on an illegal interwebs tv site) and totally fell in love with it. however, went i went back to watch another episode it had been taken down. sadness! how else is this american supposed to watch non-american tv??

hapabukbuk said...

when. that's when i went back. not went. hate it when i don't double check before i hit publish. gaaaa.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"I know, he's still hounddoggin' me WP, I thought I was free when he wasn't there a few days but he's back."

Every now and then, he goes to Switzerland to get his sideburn implants touched up.

Dale said...

You'll have to download it somewhere Hapabukbuk, you know it's worth it! It's too bad it went away on you like that.

I thought he sounded extra sexy today WP, must be the new 'burns.

Anonymous said...