The Agony and the XTC

Holly posted a link to a rather hilarious clip about this Aussie Kiwi guy posing as an atheist going door to door Mormon style. Have a read and a look.


Beth said...

Brilliant headline, Dale.

Holly said...

Actually, Dale, I think the guy is from New Zealand and gets kind of indignant when people call him an Aussie.... but he's funny no matter where the hell he's from.

p.s. on a completely unrelated note, I have long wanted to tell you that I sort of have a paper snowflake fetish, but it never occurred to me to cut them out of christmas wrapping paper, so I think your mother is a genius, and I bow down in awe before her.

Dale said...

Thanks Beth, I was kind of pleased with myself there too.

I edited it a little Holly because as a Canadian from the East Coast who gets called a Newfie, I'm very nearly sensitive to the generalization.

Along with the madness of my mother, there was brilliance, that whole fine line thing maybe.

Anonymous said...

i cant see the clip at work but tonight im soooo gonna watch it. lol i have a feeling i know what song he quoted lol does he sing it? im dying to know!! lol

and yeah... mormons scare the shit out of me.

Anonymous said...

That was really excellent. And it featured a bit of XTC, which made it even better. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Classic. We have Jehovah Witness Visitation on Saturdays. That's the only time we don't shut the dogs up from barking. They will sit at the living room window and rage at those poor people, but the Jehovah's Witnesses do not come to the door!

Boom Diddy, Boom Diddy, Boom

Anonymous said...

There was a preacher, Brother Jed, who used to run around schools all over the country (the Rolling Stone actually did an article about him in 1986). Whenever he showed up to Eastern Illinois Univerity, my alma mater, my friend Tom, an Economics major, would put on a suit, grab an Econ textbook and stand next to him prosletizing about Economics. It was pretty damned funny.

Dale-- when my father was an instructor at IBM, he usually got groups of students of students grouped regionally. Once he got a big bunch of students from Canada who told him "Newfie" jokes. (Any Newfies reading-- please don't take offense!) One joke was "What does a Newf call a 747?" "The answer-- pointing in the air, saying "Uh, Uh!" When the class graduated, they had a t-shirt printed up with a hand, index finger pointing up at a 45 degree angle, with the caption "Uh, uh!" My dad loved it.

It's funny how every group seems to have a regional group they belittle. Growing up in Chicago, people told Polish jokes. Since my best friend Richie Gustek was Polish, I did not join them.

Anonymous said...

I like how the one old guy hit them with a broom when they said the Bible was made up.

I must admit, at least some of those Mormon boys are cute. The Jehovah's witnesses almost never send cute boys to the door. Not that I'm going to open the door for any of them anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm crushed to find out that John Safran may, in fact, not be Australian.

But I still love him regardless.

Hi DALE! *Ziggy waves madly*

Ben said...

Excellent feature Dale. Kiwi's are supposed to be pretty bonkers.

Coaster Punchman said...

I may have to invite him into the throngs of the Mormon watchers.

X. Dell said...

Interesting video. I see Mormon recruiters around here all the time (they have a small scyscraper near Lincoln Center that's some sort of mini-headquarters). I can't say whether or not its true, but I haven't ever seen them get the kind of hostile reaction that this atheist got.

I've been studying up on Mormonism lately, mostly because I've developed my first important friendship with an actual Mormon. The whole thing still gives me the creeps. Can't put my finger on it exactly. Why do I have this really negative vibe about the LDS?


It's in the order of their hedgerows.


It's in the way their curtains open and close.


It's in the looks they give you down their nose.

Dale said...

You scare too easily Yas, invite them in - knit them something!

It was pretty nice wasn't it Chris? You're welcome. How far wrong could you go with a little XTC?

That's the way to show em Old Lady! Lets the dogs sing a little too. Sweet.

That's pretty funny about Brother Jed and Tom Johnny Yen. I love the shirt idea for your Dad too (one of my sisters is an IBM gal).

While East Coasters from 4 provinces tend to get called Newfies (some of the finest people on Earth by the way), we also had the French and the Indians so everyone had lots to pick from for picking on.

I loved the bit with the broom too Pink Fluffy Slippers. I won't open the door to people I like so they've got no chance!

Ziggy Returns! Where have you been? On Mars with the Spiders? I'd not heard of John Safran but just hearing him talk with the accent and indignation made my day.

Please do Coaster Punchman. Once you start collecting dues, you're gonna be a rich man.

You should infiltrate the mini HQ X. Dell and find out exactly what they're plotting. It may not be too late to back out of that important friendship you know!