Great To See You Again Friday!

Since yesterday was more like a Monday than a Thursday, today's hope is that Friday will remember the good things it's supposed to be about. My random ten helpers this morning from iTunes are here to help:

1. Rocket's Tail - Kate Bush
2. English Girl - Eagles of Death Metal
3. Run On - Moby
4. My Way - Herman Brood
5. I Was There When It Happened - Johnny Cash
6. Love - The Twilight Singers
7. The Envoy - Warren Zevon
8. Big Black Mariah - Tom Waits
9. Peachfuzz - Michelle Shocked
10.Down Like Disco - Dandy Warhols

Thursday remembrances: hoping to avoid papercuts from the paper snowflake love in, I stepped out not into the sensual world but the soggy and wet world while my umbrella was nestled happily in its little bed at home.

I stopped at the coffeeteria and picked up my usual. About halfway between there and work, I dropped the cup and it landed squarely on my caps of my shoes. No matter, Johnston & Murphy helped me out with their weatherproof yet stylish shoes.

When things start to fuck up so early in the day, I automatically become entitled to a BLT bagel and hash brown from McDonald’s. I got it back to my desk and they had given me the wrong thing - something with egg and cheese and sauce. I bit into it and threw it out.

I sat and waited for the phone to ring so I could unfairly (for them) tear someone’s head off. The phone didn't ring for hours. Maybe the day wasn't so bad after all.


Anonymous said...

Don't say BLT!!!! Yesterday we had tomato sandwiches for lunch(a southern delicacy) and I yearned for some bacon to put in them. I'm still craving BLT's.

Berry said...

You realize what was going on, don't you? November was ending, and you hadn't yet met your monthly quota for shitty things to happen to you. They merely got piled into the last day of the month.

Don't make the same mistake in December... get them over with early!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Had I known, I would have phoned you. I haven't had my head ripped off for days.

Very nice list this week, though! When you have a day that starts with Kate Bush, Twilight Singers, Warren Zevon, and Dandy Warhols, you know you are getting the right bagel.

Bubs said...

Mmmmm...BLT. The best sandwich ever created by God or man.

And possibly the best random ten list ever created too.

Anonymous said...

Ah-- good old Herman Brood. "Rock n Roll Junkie" got a lot of airplay here back around 1979. When I was visting my old friend Andreas in Frankfurt, Germany in 1994, I saw posters for Herman Brood. Apparently he still gigs around Europe.

Have you seen Dig!, the documentary about the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre? It's sad and funny at the same time. The singer for the Massacre has a complete meltdown through the documentary, exacerbated by the success the Dandy's have on the strength of their hit, Bohemian Like You.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my honey, I'm laughing at your misfortune, and being thankful it wasn't me...my shoes aren't stylish at all and if I'd dropped a beverage on them my toes would have been soaked.

And Robert can make you a bacon cheese and tomato toast sandwich if you want to come over some time.

And finally, the new tv was installed in the living room last night (until it can be dragged downstairs into the still unfinished basement) (like anyone else cares, and I apologize to your bloggy friends).

I remain, crushing you with bacon, Tanya Espanya

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm with Johnny Yen; Dig! is a fascinating film. You couldn't make up the stuff that happens in that doc.

Dale said...

So sorry Old Lady but BLT BLT BLT, I wish you didn't have to just crave them.

Thank you for the perspective Berry. I think today was a day that will help stave off the hell from the rest of the month, it was pretty cruddy but I survived.

Haha, thanks Barbara, I'd have a hard time ripping off your head I think though, you're too sensible and have such good taste.

Thank you Bubs, it's a damned fine sandwich or sangweech as my Eyetalian friends say. The list was pretty good too!

Hey Johnny, I first became aware of Herman Brood on a soundtrack called Cha Cha which also featured Nina Hagen and I think Lene Lovich. Great stuff! And thanks for reminding me about Dig! which I haven't seen but remember reading about and thinking I should.

If you'd quit spending all your money on bacon and renovations, you could afford the uber styley shoes Tanya. Only 1/3 of all household income is to go to bacon!

Sounds like you dug Dig! too Barbara, har har. I'm definitely going to put it back on the list and try not to lose it this time. So many great music docs, so little time huh?

mellowlee said...

Oh crap, I friggen hate it when days start out like that! I loved what you said about it automatically entitling you to a mcD's blt *G* Im sorry the screwed up your order though, that's sad. I hope you have a wonderous weekend to make up for it!

Creepy said...

Dude, I've never seen snow in my life. I've spent my life in Florida or Los Angeles. Quit giving us lines and tell us (me) what we really want to hear: snow kink. Surely you've shagged in the snow. People who live with snow must have fucked someone or have been fucked in powder. Indulge us! (Yeah, I'm drunk.)

mellowlee said...

Hellolee!!! I just read your comment on my blog, and would like to send you a mix or two Dale. I don't have your email, so here is mine!

Have a great night xox

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahahah! That Creepy...doing it in snow is like doing it on sand...Ick!

Having enjoyed living in Canadia for most of my life (except the six years living in St. Louis, Miami and Valencia, Spain) I have to say that the only snow I like is a Sno-Cone, grape flavor.

As a person who doesn't skate or ski, I enjoy my winters sitting inside next to the radiators, wrapping myself up in a duvet and with the Cats in my lap, while Rowbear brings me buckets of hot chocolate...what would possess a person to go outside and pull their pants down to have action in their business area?!

I guess the polar bears do it. I'm terrified and upset now, and have to go lie down (on the feather bed, under the 14 inch think poofiest duvet evah!)

Dale said...

You're sweet Lee, I'm glad you weren't around for me to scowl at :-)

Creepy, we (I) think there's nothing like making snow angels (shagging in the snow) as long as our (my) wings don't get frostbitten (it's not my ass on the snow). I'll video post about it next time I do it. That's how I much I care!

You continue to be exceedingly sweet MellowLee and you must be stopped! I'll email you shortly with instructions on how to be meaner.

Tanya, don't you remember that time we...never mind. Ah yes, Canadia where the trees drip buckets of hot chocolate (with or without marshmallows). Poor Creepy's deluded but hilarious. Make him a cup of something while you explain to him all your favourite ways to do it. He'll thank you for it.

Coaster Punchman said...

Maybe it was the universe getting you back for walking into a McDonald's.

We anxiously await the video blog that you promised Creepy. Will this be a free or pay site?

Creepy said...

So we've got one 'yay' and one 'nay'. My new goal in life is to do it in the snow before I die. The curiousity is killing me.

Dale said...

It's all my fault CP. I can't decide on the video. How much would you pay? Can I have your credit card number just to run a test or two?

I hope you don't die before the curiousity kills you Creepy. Step one - go toward the light (fluffy snow). Gonna be hard to make your dreams come true while you're wallowing around the swamps nekkid!

justacoolcat said...

Sweet list now on with the snow kink.

Anonymous said...

Damn good list by jesus mister!

Dale said...

I'm working on it, it snowed a little today Coolcat but not enough.

Thanks Bluez...I love it when it's good.