The Legend of Bloggy Creek

Having been unable to leave comments on many of your blogs over the past couple of days has secretly made me happy. I don’t have time to read you right now. I'm busy contemplating starting my Christmas shopping.

I know, I know, it’s a bit early but every once in a while, you have to go against type.

Once all that is done, I’ll be back to rail against the Blogging Maniacs who dare keep me from you.


Berry said...

How about this:... While you're out there, you do my shopping for me, and I'll cover your commenting duties. Deal?

katie schwartz said...

you're not a dirty jew?

Anonymous said...

Where's my fudge and peanur briddle?

X. Dell said...

Whatever the reason, it's good to take a break, sometimes. Happy shopping.

So, what are you gettin' me?

Bubs said...

Good luck with that shopping Dale. My expedition today was thwarted by closed shops. Turns out the places I wanted to visit must've all been run by hipsters who open their doors in the late afternoon, or who have oddball Tuesday/Wednesday closing days.

And there I was, the model of midweek, late morning shopping efficiency. Thwarted. Thwarted and even stymied.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

While you are out shopping, please buy me a shotgun to blast Beta Blogger into kingdom come.

chelene said...

Oh. I thought you just didn't like me anymore.

Carry on.

Dale said...

Okay Berry, visit everyone on my list and say nice things about stuff they write because they're all fairly brilliant.

Oh Katie, am I off the list now? Dreidel dreidel something, I made you out of something.

Still no go Tanya.

I was going to go with the obvious 'same thing I got you last year' retort X. Dell but I think you're better than that, I'll have to keep thinking. Ow, it hurts.

Thwarted and stymied, thwarted and stymied I say! Underused words Bubs but you made it work. I managed a little bit of shopping but I'm still missing that one thing that'll really surprise me Christmas morning.

Barbara, I'm impressed with the practicality and violence in your comment. Tear it up!

Chelene, you know or if you don't know -- I love you! You're one of my favourite bloggers. Honest.

justacoolcat said...

The feeling is mutual.

That is, blogger has sucked for everyone lately, ofcourse.

Where's my fudge and peanut brittle?

Dale said...

Justa - your fudge and peanut brittle is on the way! Tanya's bugging me but she'll never get any of my mother's fudge (mostly because it's gone) and one year when she was still living in Spain, I sent her nut brittle that I made and she went all ape for it. So now I withhold it just to torture. Nice huh?

mellowlee said...

How long do you figure we have before we have no choice in switching to Beta? I think think the time is coming. I would still rather surf blogs than write my Christmas cards *sigh*

Dale said...

I finally did my cards Mel! I'm very nearly proud of myself. Stupid beta huh?

Anonymous said...

Fight the good fight!!

*thrusts her fist in the air in salute*

shopping is such a bitch in the xmas season.

and blogger blows a big fat one.

Mob said...

Stupid Beta indeed.

I can apparently no longer post comments on Beta using my Blogger ID, and had begun anonymous comments, which has now been shut down as well, nothing happens when I hit preview or oublish.

At this rate, I'm buying a typewriter soon, ta hell with technology.

Geeti Das said...

Thank God I don't celebrate Christmas...no cards, presents, etc. to worry about. Just three finals staggered in close succession and what to wear on the flight. Come Christmas Day I will be PACKING! My suitcase, I mean, not anything gender-bending.

That said, is my present in the mail?

larry h. said...

Don't worry mate. We're all caught up in the swing of the holidays. I can't spend to much this year since I've been given an indefinite vacation from my last job. Thankfully I've got relatives that don't dote on extravagant things, so its going to be decent.

No presents for me, mate. You just enjoy the holidays with your family.

Anonymous said...

wow, it's nice of you to get me a Christmas gift. Comments can wait in the meantime. Do yo need a street address?

mmmmm.....maybe I misunderstood the post?

mellowlee said...

Good for you :) That's awesome! You wanna do mine for me? heh, didn't think so :P Boooo to stupid beta blogger, big fat boooooo!

Dale said...

I love a good fight Yas! Can I stand behind you?

Monkeys must be running Blogger Mob leaving us free to run the typewriters. Let's do it.

You sure you're not packing Geeti? Funny funny. Good luck with the finals. Once I see how you do, I'll consider the gift.

You're pretty nice for an evil parrot Larry H. Good tidings to you, wherever you are...

I don't know Chancelucky, did you misunderstand? Have you missed the mailing deadline?

For you Mel, I'll do it. Give me your credit card numbers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what is up with Blogger these days? It wants us to alienate all of our regular readers.

By the way, I found you through W.P.'s blog. You know he loves to be called W.P., right?

Coaster Punchman said...

I'm with you here. I'm desperately behind on my blogging duties. See ya soon.

Dale said...

Beckeye, hello, I saw you over at WP's place too. Does he like that? Or hate it?

Twist and shout, shop and blog - are they really so different Coaster Punchman?