Just Like Honey

You may have noticed that posting has been spotty for a few days here at Passion of the Dale. I just figured -- enough with the complicated belts and bulky pads already! I need some light days.

Every year as it nears that magical time when Baby Jesus and the Mary Chain are getting ready for their appearance, the work pace seems to pick up, people get crazier and life is just way too hectic. This weekend for example, rather than shopping (mostly for myself), I'll be hosting my sister and niece and having a wonderful time while all sorts of other things pile up on my to do list.

As soon as I can though, I plan on putting my feet up, reaching for a Kringlor and enjoying the best the season has to offer.

In other news, I decided to tell my mother how much I secretly liked her paper snowflakes. I was worried that I was being too nice until she told me how my sister the nun just finished telling her how much she had always hated her decorative plate collection.

I am beginning to believe in balance.


Anonymous said...

And sometimes you just don't feel fresh. But I've never noticed that on you, you're always so well turned out, handsome and delightful to me.

Anyhoodle, I miss you already!

chelene said...

I just figured -- enough with the complicated belts and bulky pads already! I need some light days.

Oh, you funny devil! You're my Christmas angel.

jin said...

Take as much time as you need Dale...we'll be here waiting.


Beth said...

I'm glad someone else is overwhelmed with work and other people's happiness. I'm started to get pissed over all this responsibility crap when all I want to do is dance to Wham's Christmas hit. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Dale, you and I both know that the real reason you're not posting as much in the last few days is you are practicing cutting out paper snowflakes on that site I pointed out to you the other day. My snowflakes are much more beautiful than yours though, I thought I should let you know.


Molecular Turtle said...

There's something about this time that kills both time and money

Anonymous said...

Dale, you're nicer than a nun three weeks before Christmas. You must be doing something right.

Dale said...

You're on crack but that's what makes you fun Tanya.

Just don't ask me to sit on top of the tree Chelene, ouch.

Jin? That was very evil. Good work.

Even George Michael's too tired to dance to it Beth, I think he's sleeping this holiday out in his car. Zzzzzzzz.

Zed, why can't I be you?

I've spent a lot of both and I'm still not done Molecular Turtle, anything I can get for you while I'm out?

Hahaha Peter, that may just have to be my new motto. Very funny.

X. Dell said...

(1) Complicated belts? Bulky pads? Hmm. You might want to change your approach to writing.

(2) If your sister, the sister, tells your mom that she doesn't like her decorative plates, what would happen if your mom told your sister, the nun, to go to hell?

Dale said...

1) No way man

2) I think they're both going to be very surprised where they end up! Thanks for playing X. Dell. I enjoy your comments.