Friday Ten(g)!

It's Friday and this is what I was told to listen to by the people inside my shuffle function music thingy.

As I sat on the train listening, I had a fleeting thought that maybe it was only Thursday and there I was in jeans and oh no, I'll look ridiculous at work. And then I remembered that I could wear pyjamas to work and still be more formally dressed than the folks I work with.

But it is Friday. And I'm old and forgetful. It's Friday and this is what I was told...you get it.

1. Violently Happy (Unplugged) – Bjork
2. Blue Caravan – Vienna Teng
3. Beware of the Boyz ft Jay-Z – Panjabi MC
4. Love Turns 40 – Vienna Teng
5. ‘S Wonderful – Joe Williams w/Count Basie Orchestra
6. You Don’t Own Me – Klaus Nomi
7. Everyone’s A Winner – The Meligrove Band
8. Christine – Siouxsie and the Banshees
9. Sparkling Diamonds – Nicole Kidman
10.Embarcacao – Kayah and Cesaria Evora

Just a few things

1. I'm glad I didn't know Bjork as a child, not that I purport to know her as an adult. She would have kept me in a state of emergency I'm sure.

4. Because everyone else's shuffle is doing it, I get two Vienna Teng songs this morning. This may be a reminder to listen to things I buy every now and then. She's lovely.

5. Joe Williams - if I could sing, I'd want to sound like you Joe - mellifluous and perfect. (and isn't it perfect that the first time I typed that sentence, I spelled mellifluous wrong?)

6. Klaus? That was some hacky shit, I can't promise you'll be voted through to the next round. I'm keeping other stuff of yours though. Poor Klaus.

7. Worth it just to hear the singer's Come On! mid-song (his mid-song stays on my mind).

9. Ah, Moulin Rouge - I love it when Nicole sings there may come a time when a lass needs a lawyer because right around the time she was recording that, the midget was divorcing her. She may need that lawyer again if the country husband can't clean up his act.

The rest of you know I love you in one form or another so shut up.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Joe Williams has an amazingly silky smooth voice. Bit of trivia - he played Claire's dad on The Cosby Show (and sang at one point).

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You have walloped me with obscurity today. Well done!

Awww, but the Meligrove Band - they are QTs.

RERIRI - that is what your word verification just gave me and I am going to make that sound while driving today. It's a good driving noise.

Anonymous said...

Your lists are amazing. I find myself having to look up after I see your random ten.

Is "You Don't Own Me" a cover of the Leslie Gore song?

X. Dell said...

I never saw the movie. Did Kidman really sing? How was it?

(Well, I guess it's good enough not to delete from your drive.)

justacoolcat said...

I only know roughly half of this list, but I know I want to be a sparkling diamond. Finally, I could be a real actress.

Dale said...

I didn't know that Chris, that's pretty cool. The cd I'm most familiar with is this one and I love it a lot.

Your revelry with RERIRI made me think of that song my sisters used to sing Barbara -- I like to go a wandering among the trees so green and then the chorus was something like Valdereee Valderaaa. Am I being too obscure again?

I'm always looking up stuff from your lists and other lists too Johnny and then I wonder why everyone has such crap taste except me! haha. Sadly, it is a cover of that song and rather awful. It's gone. After I saw the music doc The Nomi Song which I blogged about here, I found quite a few Klaus tunes, some of them pretty good and some of them, well...

It's a love it or leave it film X. Dell and I loved it. Kidman sang as did Ewan McGregor and they did a bang up job. Bang up - courtesan, too easy?

You are one of my favourite real actresses Justacoolcat.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha NO I know what song you mean, Dale, it's called the Happy Wanderer or something similar.

Now I feel like yodelling.

mellowlee said...

That Moulin Rouge soundtrack kicks so much ass! So does your list Dale :) There are some things on there I will have to check out!!! Happy Friday! xo

Dale said...

I'm glad to now have it playing in someone else's head too Barbara.

Happy Fridy to you too Mel (even though it's Sunday now).

Ben said...

Your computer is in love with Vienna Teng.

Grant Miller said...

Does Nicole Kidman sing with an American accent?

Dale said...

And porn too Ben! Don't forget porn!

She sings all the way to the bank Grant.

Tumuli said...

Your lists are always so wonderfully eclectic.

Although "Violently Happy" remains one of my all-time favorites, I will never forget the time when, during an introduction to friends via downloading, the song began skipping and faltering. The techno beats and emoting blended into one long, ear-abusing discordant "symphony."

On an unrelated note, I would have loved to hear Nicole sing in "The Producers," which she should never have left.

Dale said...

I loved your Violently Happy footnotes there Tumuli. As you know, your musical taste is brilliant. I didn't remember that Nicole K. was attached to that film. I haven't seen it or the play or the movie actually. Should I?

Angela said...

I can't believe no one said, "I love you, too"!

I love you, too, Dale! Your musical taste is awesome, as always.

Dale said...

You're sweet as pie and tough as leather Angela. I love you back. And you front too.