All I Ever Wanted

I'm only halfway done a week off and I've been busy drinking with a nun, avoiding my parents, eating at the kids' table and I may never come home.

Who am I kidding? I can stand another few days of this and then I'm out!


Jacy said...

More details on the drinking with the nun, please.

Beth said...

And eating at the kids' table.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Are you avoiding your parents because of the nun thing?

Also, a tip for when you are eating at the kids' table - show them how to make a cube of jello walk down the wall. That always goes over really well and even the grownups will be impressed.

Tanya Espanya said...

Barbara, tell me about the jello...do you just throw it on the wall? I love jello.

Allison said...

Sounds like interesting times!

Yes, Barb, please share the secret to the jello walk.

Jake's Mom said...

Good memories...you will laugh...sometime

Bubs said...

drinking, nuns and jello.

You Canadians are sure a fun-loving bunch.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ahem, move over, Dale, and make room for me at the kids' table. I have some valuable life lessons to share with these good people.

Yeah, Tanya and Al, essentially all you do is huck a cube of jello at the wall, fairly high up, and it will walk itself down. This was a big hit in residence at university. Sometimes the jello will get stuck, but that's pretty funny too, if it's not at your house. Fun for the whole family, really.

Barbara Bruederlin said...
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Berry said...

I'm totally making Jello this weekend.

Dale, teach 'em some drinking games. It'll all be over soon.

chelene said...

What's really fun is bringing drinks to the kiddie table. Now that's a party!

Mob said...

Sounds like a full week so far!

Have a great time and take lots of notes for future blogging.

jewgirl said...

you are so cute, potd. now, fucking enjoy it, you hear me. all you have to do is fuck. eat. drink and repeat.

BeckEye said...

You should mix it up a bit. Eat at the nuns' table and drink with the kids.

X. Dell said...

Hey, congratulations. Hope you enjoy it fully.

Plan on going somewhere? Or would you prefer to stay at home and suffer another video game related injury?

Coaster Punchman said...

Yeah, but is there poutine?

Writeprocrastinator said...

"Yeah, but is there poutine?"

Why does that sound like something that a Cajun pervert would say?

Is poutine supposed to officially have gravy or not? Enquiring (sp) American minds want to know.

mellowlee said...

Haha! I love the label. That would make a good TLC show. :O)

Berry said...

W.Procrastinator... yes, gravy is essential to poutine!

So... where exactly are you, Dale, that there might be poutine?? Are we missing a potential meet-up here?

Johnny Yen said...

Yes, more details on the nun-drinking.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"W.Procrastinator... yes, gravy is essential to poutine!"

Wow, if I wasn't already married, I'd marry Canada!

Tanya Espanya said...

Ah, poutine...that gooey blob of heaven...Well, actually it's a heart attack on a plate. Let's recap shall we:

cheese curds (but you can make it at home with just shredded cheddar)

I don't care for the curds. They squeak and smell like feet.

Anonymous said...

Oh disco fries!!

Jill said...

Please post a picture of you sitting at the kids table!!!
And Tanya, it has to be mozza in a poutine(Yark, come on cheddard on it, the mix with gravy...It creeps me out!!)

Zed said...

I remember eating at the kids' table. Best seating at any party! Who wants to be seated with all the blowhards at the adults' table?

Hands off the nun, Dale. She made a vow.

gifted typist said...

Gosh, I feel I need a picture to comment on this blog...

Dale said...

Hey mister, she's my sister! I'm guessing nuns don't run in your family Jacy?

Kids get me Beth, they're smart, funny and quick, not like some of the dullards around the table.

That is excellent Barbara. J-E-L-L-O does it every time!

Barbara, Tanya has a question. Oh, and there's Allison as well.

I do laugh Jake's Mom, they're all maroons.

We like our fun, booze and all manner of hilarity Bubs.

Thank you Barbara. You're invited to the next meeting of the kids at the round table.

I always win Berry and then I feel sad. Drunk little brats everywhere.

Chelene! I'm shocked! Well, no I'm not, you big boozebag!

Notes have been taken although I'm trying to lose them Mob.

Should I involve the Jello in all of that too Katie?

Beckeye, you make good sense just like the rest of these blasphemers! Good work.

I visited family X. Dell. It was wonderful and frightening like everything else in my life.

I did not have sex with that poutine Coaster Punchman. Instead, there was Dixie Lee fried chicken, fried clams, fried Dale and so on.

Poutine would not be poutine without gravy WP. And what have you got against Cajun perverts? Or preverts as the locals might call them.

I might just shop it to TLC and see what happens Mel. I discussed having a reality show of the family get togethers but nobody seemed impressed.

I was in N.B. Berry, you're in P.Q. aren't you? If you're in N.B., I'll be mad.

She's a nun and a boozebag Johnny. Check my post above this one. She gets a bit of vacation every year and heads directly for beer and smokes.

Canada will consider your proposal WP.

Thank you for moderating Tanya. Mmmm.

I've never heard them called that but it fits Bluez.

The whole dish is pretty creepy anyway Jill but I agree, no cheddar.

Now I feel dirty Zed. I should have clarified earlier, she's my sister, the Sister so I guess she's more like my sister-friend?

No pictures please Gifted Typist. I'm going to be grilling Tanya to find out what photo of me she showed you.

Anonymous said...

Check your urban dictionary dale:

disco fries

Cheese fries with gravy (french fries with cheese melted on top, covered with chicken gravy.Mmmm.), generally served at diners in Northeast New Jersey.

I'ma have some disco fries, please.

Johnny Yen said...

It seems, then, that you're in good company then!

Tenacious S said...

Have to get away....

Dale said...

Sounds tasty Bluez. You're more up on these hip urban things than I.

Always Johnny, except when I'm not.

Come here Tenacious S.

Jill said...

I thought I posted another comments on this post, might going crazy, but probably just this damn computer that should have give up on me that day!!So here it is:
"The world should be coming to an end, we did agree on a thing, Dale!!"

Dale said...

It's all over but the cryin' Jill!