E.G. (Not Just Another Latin Abbreviation)

He's a rock and roll astronaut, he's evil and yet, he still likes the universe. He is Ziggy Stardust! Steve Austin! Dr. Evil Evil Genius!
He did not strike me down as expected when I asked the lame difficult questions. Have a look here but beware the eye!


GETkristiLOVE said...

What did those Chuck Taylors ever do to him to deserve argyle socks?!

BeckEye said...

Ah, a Pittsburgher. Good job.

gifted typist said...

ze questions Mr. Dale?
Vere do zey come from?
You are a fascinating specimen.

Come to my couch and ve vill talk. Tell me all, everysing, starting with you virst experieonce vith Mr. Steve Austin

Dale said...

I'm not sure Kristi but I'm glad you brought it up. I don't like to judge.

He did a good job Beckeye, maybe you should interview him too since you put me through a workout with the interviews a while back.

Luckily, Gifted Typist, you don't have to ask about my mother, she's already all over this damned blog. I love your accent, I hadn't detected it before. I'm having my doctor's clinical notes sent to you, everything vill be clear.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

He had lovely eyebrows! Who is his esthetician?

pistols at dawn said...

I suppose a Pittsburgher trashing DC is only natural, what with there being "paved roads" and "jobs instead of sad, empty steel mills because the only steel here now is the Steel Reserve the unemployed workers drink in dive bars starting at 9am" and 35% less hirsuteness here in the nation's capital.

On the upside for Mr. Genius, DC is a transitory city for everyone, because even if you run the entire country from here, you still won't live here longer than eight years.

pezda said...

Pistols: That's funny. We only managed to live there for two years before we were driven out by traffic and cost of living.

pezda said...

Oh and Dale, I'm ready when you are.

pistols at dawn said...

Pezda: those are two excellent reasons to flee this place, but you forgot The Worst, Most Disgusting Summers I've Experienced Anywhere, Which Is Why People Don't Usually Build Cities On Swamps.

Mistress La Spliffe said...

Oh Dale, throw questions at me too. Nothing else will reach.

BeckEye said...

Maybe I will, Dale. Maybe I will.

I was just wondering...if you put yourself through the Simpsonizer, will your picture just come out as the Bumblebee Guy?

Chancelucky said...

Next time on the net, I'll have to make sure I wear my bicycle helmet. Seems there are all these flying Dale questions whizzing past and landing on blogs. btw funny stuff Evil Genius

What next? Tanya Espanya's baby will look like Dale's avatar?

X. Dell said...

Fun questions, Dale. Come to think about it, if I'm in the background of even a bad Simpsons episode, I think I would prefer that to someone taking tasteless candy out of my neck.

I was wondering what Beckeye would make of a fellow Pittsburgher.

Dale said...

They are rather perfect Barbara but I'm not sure he's willing to give up all his secrets just yet.

Hey, finally some talk that's non Chicago related! Haha, good analysis Pistols!

Driven out by traffic Pezda? That's poetic. And your questions have been sent.

I once attended a school built on a swamp Pistols, no lie, parts of it are still sinking. Ridiculous.

I'm reaching out with love Mistress, email me.

Over and over again Beckeye, it's foregone.

I did not have sex with that blogger Chancelucky. Although her baby does have antennae, weird! EG did do a great job.

Tasty remarks X. Dell!

Evil Genius said...


It is hard to pinpoint the moment I became evil. But that was borne of the seeds of hatred for the rest of humanity.


You have to go through Pezda. He is my publicist now.


Pittsburgh may be full of big hair and dirty hands, but there are significantly less dirty souls than here in the District. I will not die in DC.


You are my publicist now.


Thank you. Feel free to read at your leisure. Even the posts that Dale doesn't link to.


Thank you for the excellent interview.

-Genius, Evil

Dale said...

Evil Genius, taking over my comments are you? Excellent work. The spell cast by your all seeing eye is powerful it seems.

Coaster Punchman said...

You're starting to kick Katie Couric's ass with these interviews, Dale. That is you would be if she wasn't already receiving the world's greatest ass-kicking.

here kitty, kitty... said...

what about EG Daily, or was it EJ Daily, nope I think it was EG... reguardless I could argue myself all day.... I loved her in Valley Girl she was the cutest things in pigtails.... yup evil genius my ass, EG is for Daily..... hooray for me- boombastic that how I roll....

Evil Genius said...

Like, whatever!

Dale said...

I kicked her ass once before Coaster Punchman and I'm happy to do it again.

Ah Kitty! I knew you when you were a mere monkey! We used to blog daily, baby where did our love go?

I am so shur EG.