Interview With A Bee

When someone new pops by and leaves a comment, it's always exciting to try and figure out who they are and what makes them tick. I've been very lucky to have comments from some really excellent people and want to say thanks to you old folks and hi to the young 'uns.

Recently, Kate from Someone Else's Horoscope dropped in and I saw that she'd been interviewed and was conducting some of her own. I figured if I asked for a few questions, it would be a good way for her to get me to talk more about me to know me. I'm not sure it worked.

1. How did you come up with the name Passion of the Dale (and while you are 'going there', how about a bit of dirt on why you chose the Bee guy for your avatar?) What's your definition of passion?

Hi Kate and welcome to my nightmare. I was inspired by a well known anti-Semite who had a film out at the time and I also liked the absurd way it sounded with my first name Passion Dale. It hopefully gives the correct impression that everything I write about means a lot to me, even if it's something as simple yet lingering, like a fart.

I used to have an old 45 rpm record centre as my avatar but then out of the blue one day, I was stung by the Bee. It helps me to rememeber how closely The Simpsons' skin tones match my own.

2. Describe a life-altering experience that you had. How was it life-altering?

You mean one that affected me or just in general? I've had several, some that I've blogged about and some that I'm saving for a rainy day. Any post on my blog that has the label family is bound to be telling, so try this one.

3. What do you think about plastic surgery? What would you change about yourself if you had the opportunity to do so for free?

I think plastic surgery is great for people who have disfigurements that are holding them back from enjoying life but when it goes too far (you know who you are), it hurts us all. I'd probably take a couple of inches off my waist if they could assure me I wouldn't die during the process but otherwise, I'd steer clear.

4. Do you believe in God? What is your vision of what happens to a person after death?

I'll let the book I'm about to start reading answer for me: Christopher Hitchens' God Is Not Great - How Religion Poisons Everything. I figure even if a lightning bolt hits me, the fact that I've got a nun in my family might score me a point if I end up needing it. After death, depending on your pre-nup with the funeral director, it's bug food or dust in the wind. These answers are subject to revision in times of crisis or upon rereading The Lovely Bones.

5. Where have you been in the world and where would you like to visit? When do you think you will get there?

My favourite vacations have been in the home country (Canada) and I've been lucky enough to get to see parts of Italy (Rome, Florence, Verona, Milan), London and New York and enjoyed them all. I'd like to get to Budapest and Prague, perhaps within the next year or two.

So, I'm not sure what have you learned about me Kate other than the fact that I'm an unrelenting smartass with a slightly pudgy heathen centre but thanks for stopping by!

If anyone else would enjoy a round of interviewing, let me know and I'll throw stuff at you. Or some questions if you prefer.


jin said...

You offered!
Dale, do me?

RC said...

wow..."god is not great" sounds like an interesting read, but one i feel like i certainly would have some disagreements with.

it might be worth the read to see the arguments though and process my own personal thoughts.

Beth said...

I love getting to learn more about The Passion.

Throw some stuff at me, Bee. As long as it isn't something often flung by monkeys. Or Monkees.

Evil Genius said...

Sure, what the heck. I'll take the Dale challenge.

kate said...

Funny... I KNEW you were a smartass b4 I interviewed you and I really did learn a lot about you...

I loved the book Lovely Bones. If I believed in Heaven, I would want it to be that version!

Will you be brave enough to bring that book you're about to read out of the house with ya? lol I here in the south I definitely wouldnt. I went to the doctors this week and they had christian music playing in all the rooms. I actually was going to ask the doc to turn it off but I didnt want her to... ummm... be angry at me during my *cough examination! lol (kinda like not wanting the waitress to spit in your food!)

I look forward to reading your family post you linked here, and to more coming in the future! I linked ya, so now your in for it! lol

Have a great weekend!

gifted typist said...

Oh, Dale, that life-altering event is so vivid and so heart-wrenching told through the experience of a little guy who was hurtin' so bad and not understanding what was happening or why.
nine kids? Catholic I assume?
No wonder you are reading Hitchens. I just finished Dawkins' God Delusion, which, I understand, is a walk in the park, compared to Hitchens.

pistols at dawn said...

Who doesn't want to be interviewed so they can talk about themselves? Most people pay a therapist just so they can set aside an hour per week to blather on about themselves, and marry someone just to have a witness to their daily life and stories from work.

So, while it's not as entertaining as a woman saying, "Dale, do me," I would also take interview questions and then just write unrelated statements about myself.

Grant Miller said...

God Bless!

Tanya Espanya said...

I also finished Hitchens' book, it was great. Am currently reading Hawkins' book. Seems fine.

Funny, a while back I sent you some questions and you were all, "Uh, what ev URRRR!"

And thank you very little for giving me yet another blog to read! (Hi Kate!)

X. Dell said...

Kate, you picture Heaven as a playground with a good set of swings?

Dale, methinks you're being a bit hard on yourself, describing yourself as a smartass. I'd say you're a genius ass--or a good wit.

Zed said...

Dale, the very first time I visited your blog, I read the "Strangers with Chips" post (the life-altering experience) and have never departed. It was moving, and unlike anything else I had yet read in blogdom. I might not always comment on your blog, but I'm here often because ... oh God, I REFUSE to be nice to you again. :) You get the picture.

Anyway, field a few questions my way and I'll do my best to give you cogent perhaps even witty replies. Who knows, it could happen. :)

Dale said...

You've been begging for it Jin, I'll do you soon.

I hear it's pretty good RC and I'm looking forward to it. Probably best to read first, pass judgement later.

Hey hey Beth. I'm thinking of some stuff for you right now.

Excellent invitation Evil Genius. I'm working on it.

Kate, The Lovely Bones was, well, lovely. I thought the same thing about the Hitchens book, it's got a bright yellow cover! I'm sure it won't stop me though. Glad you enjoyed the answers.

Hey Gifted Typist, definitely a good dumb Catholic family and that story is a doozy! I just finished The Kite Runner (a book like that is more likely to restore my faith than anything) and am looking forward to Hitchens.

But will you pay me Pistols at Dawn? Or at least respect me in the morning?

Amen Grant Miller!

For clarity's sake, Tanya and I are not married, we just sound that way. Don't you have a baby to raise? What are you doing reading?!

I love swinging X. Dell! Wait, not that kind. Well, this one time in college...

Zed, we'll always have paper snowflakes when you get too mean for me to love anymore! I'll work on some questions for you soon.

Coaster Punchman said...

You're such a slut. Whatever happened to playing hard to get?

I don't think you've interviewed me. But as you know from my ongoing Bubs series, it can take me a while to spit out the answers.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Rare is the foreigner that visits Verona. Did your love of The Bard take you there?

Tanya Espanya said...

WP, I went to Verona. With Rowbear. 2 years ago. We saw Aida on the opening night. It was great.

And Dale, we're only not married because you keep taking out restraining orders against me. Quit it.

Dale said...

I've resorted to begging Coaster Punchman, are you saying that's not as attractive? I can't remember either if I interviewed you, is this what it's like to age? I'll think up some questions for you and wait as the grey turns greyer.

I went to Verona because I'd heard it was lovely Write Procrastinator and I'd emailed someone's website about opera and the guy was a real salesman for his city. I went with my friend and met him and he showed around the whole place and then made us dinner with his friends. He used to be a tour guide. It was a great time.

Once again, Tanya is in no way affiliated with this blog just for the record.

And Tanya? I got there first so your Aida can suck it.

BeckEye said...

You mean your first name isn't Passion? I thought maybe your parents named you after their favorite Rod Stewart song.

Tanya Espanya said...

Dale, I know... I'm so lame, I'm always copying you! I ride your coattails. If you wore coats.

Dale said...

Wake up Beckeye, I think I got something to say to you. Rod Stewart probably would have been lumped in with the devil music for the folks.

If you're copying me Tanya, why haven't you stopped talking to me yet?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

D'Oh! And all this time, I thought that was YOU in the Simpsons!

Dale said...

It could be Barbara, I'm not supposed to talk about it.

Evil Genius said...

I have met your worthy challenge, good Sir Dale.

Dale said...

Evil Genius - your answers were excellent considering what you were given to work with!