Honest In-Jin

Jin asked me recently to do her. Ever the polite Canadian, I cooked up a little something for her and hit her with it right between the pies.

Her answers were nearly as delicious as some of the food porn photos she regularly shows off.

If you care for a taste, click here.


jin said...


Uh, could we get a Paypal "Buy Now" button next to the "fun with jin" label?

Beth said...

Why am I always so hungry after I read Jin's page? She handled your questions well, Dale.

Dale said...

What a lovely name for me Jin, how much do I owe you?

She's a culinary linguist Beth.

pistols at dawn said...

Why I hate the Food Network: because I was all right eating my Kraft macaroni and cheese until I saw/read about you making nut-encrusted salmon in a white wine and mustard remainder sauce.

Why not just call it the "Nyahh, nyahh nee boo boo" channel or "The Kid From Grade School Who Wouldn't Trade Their Awesome Lunch With You (To Be Fair, Your Parents Just Scraped Lead-Based Paint Chips From The Collapsing Ceiling Into A Bag, So It Wasn't Really 'Lunch') Now Has A TV Network And Is Still Eating Ten Times Better Than You" channel?

All right, I'll concede that the latter might be hard to fit on scrolling TV listings, but still.

X. Dell said...

Wow, you got of three rounds of questions with expert precision in 6.7 seconds (as established by the Zapruder film). I am quite impressed.

Dale said...

I never attempt anything from the Food Network but I do like pretending that I could Pistols. Hilarious comment. Oh wait, I did make Nut Brittle from that 'Sugar' show which I'm not sure if you get there and it was pretty awesome.

If you analyze the tape X. Dell, I'm sure you could come up with an alternate theory on my rapid fire questioning.

pistols at dawn said...

Nut brittle? Isn't that what it says on the fake can that the weird-looking snakes are in?

I'm not falling for that again, Dale.

Excellent questioning, by the way. If Blade Runner ever comes true, I'll make sure to hire you to find those killer robots.

Coaster Punchman said...

I was simply moved by your interview.

Dale said...

I've given up on the can thing Pistols so the brittle's safe. Beware of the weird looking snakes flying out of other places though. I'd love to find killer robots too! Was I supposed to send you questions?

There's nothing simple about you Coaster Punchman.