Don't Rock The Boat Baby

Devilishly handsome line drawing Pezda recently rose to the challenge of answering questions as though the glare in his eyes was no big deal.

While I'm still not convinced he isn't rapper 50 Cent, I'll drop that line of questioning while he recovers from winning a gold, two silver, and a bronze medal at his recent rowing regatta.

When he's not rocking the boat, he can be found musing aloud on a variety of interesting topics.

Insert interview here.


Evil Genius said...

I hate it when my friends become successful.

Jacy said...

I loved his answers. Smart, wise man -- just like Dale. And you too, of course, Evil Genius.

Chancelucky said...

Another very entertaining "interview" Dale.

X. Dell said...

I can see why one would confuse Pezda for 50. As most people probably know, 50 Cent is a highly regarded sculler.

Bubs said...

another splendid interview!

pezda said...

Jacy obviously has me confused with someone else.

julia said...

I loved his Lucky Charms reasoning - that they're magically delicious. Great interview questions.

Dale said...

Imagine how much that line drawing head will swell now Evil Genius!

Once again Jacy, you prove yourself to be a person of distinction. And flattery.

"Thanks" Chancelucky!

I knew I wasn't the only one confusing the issue. Thanks X. Dell.

Glad you enjoyed it Bubs.

No Pezda, listen to Jacy. Jacy knows all.

It was fun wringing answers out of him Julia, glad you liked.