An Old Pro

Outside of the train station yesterday afternoon, stood a middle aged woman wearing a t-shirt proclaiming Abortion Stops A Beating Heart. She was giving instruction to 3 young pamphleteers who looked to be about 12 years of age each.

She told them that even if passersby didn't want a pamphlet, they were to say God Bless. Nice touch.

I successfully dodged the girls who giggled as they tried to pass on their message. None of them blessed me. As I continued on my way, I wondered if these girls would ever be allowed to give choice a chance.

Lyrics from Spring Awakening

Mama who bore me
Mama who gave me
No way to handle things
Who made me so bad

Mama, the weeping
Mama, the angels
No sleep in Heaven, or Bethlehem

Some pray that one day
Christ will come a-callin'
They light a candle
And hope that it glows
And some just lie there
Crying for him to come and find them
But when he comes they don't know how to go

Mama who bore me
Mama who gave me
No way to handle things
Who made me so sad

Mama, the weeping
Mama, the angels
No sleep in Heaven, or Bethlehem


wonderturtle said...


BeckEye said...

I think they shortened their little catch-phrase/greeting to "God Bless" because people didn't like having "God bless your unborn child, but you can burn in hell you evil bitch/bastard" screamed at them so much.

chelene said...

I agree with Beckeye but I also think God Bless in that context is really a thinly veiled "Fuck you, heathen".

Chancelucky said...

It's just creepy to me to get children involved in stuff like this.
Fits the pattern of being more concerned about the unborn than the born.

"yes let's obsessively talk to little kids about "baby murder" and scare the *#$#$* out of them with graphic images to show how humane we are..."'

Just a Girl said...

Spring Awakening was amazing! So moving. Such teen angst.

Doc said...



julia said...

So true, Beckeye and Chelene. And Chancelucky, I always get a laugh over how many toddler protesters there are out there.

Dale - " I wondered if these girls would ever be allowed to give choice a chance." Ultimately, once they're adults they'll be able to think for themselves. Great post.

deadspot said...

The best part about them telling you "God bless"? Free sneeze.

Lucy said...

We have a ton of the Jesus Freaks in NYC. I'm cool with it but it always smacks of Tom Cruise couch-jumping antics.

Nice coming across your blog! I'm a standup comedienne in NYC.

If you like comedy, stop by my spot. I just finished a series on "Comedy as It Relates to Sex."

If you're a more serious type try out a very popular "Meta-bigotry in Comedy."

I'll be checking back often.

X. Dell said...

Lol, Beckeye.

Unfortunately, those young girls might be the first in line at the abortion clinic one day, for anti-sex often means anti-preparedness, and anti-responsibility.

There must be some reason why Catholics comprise the biggest religious groups represented at abortion clinics.

Grant Miller said...

I love doging people. Sounds like you are a pro.

God bless!

pistols at dawn said...

My main problem with abortion is that it's too late to stop the beating hearts of the people who feel the need to pass out their anti-abortion propaganda to me.

Too soon?

Jen said...

That's so sad.

someone should tell
their mom to GET #%*&!^@ JOB
and stop forcing kids to push propaganda

just sayin'

Dale said...

Damn them all Wonderturtle.

You hit it right on the little fetal head there Beckeye.

The only veil I enjoy is a veil of secrecy Chelene but they can wear whatever they like.

It's very creepy Chancelucky. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

It was angsty on a grand scale Just a Girl wasn't it? I loved it and will be seeing it again as soon as I can.

Indeed Doc.

Let's hope they do develop they do continue to grow and question Julia.

I'm saving a good one up for the next time I see them Deadspot. I love free stuff!

Lucy, I love the word comedienne, I just do. They're everywhere aren't they? The freaks I mean, not the comediennes. Why am I picturing you as Kathy Griffin riffing on blogs and pointing mine out as inane?

They need more priests so they're trying to save every little soul X. Dell. Great point on the anti-preparedness.

God Bless you Grant Miller. You're dodgy!

Pistols at Dawn for President! Of what, I won't say.

I love it when you quietly just say something Jen!

pistols at dawn said...

President of the Jerk Club, I'll assume...and accept!

Anonymous said...

I don't get what the real agenda is with those folks.

T said...

Free Speech.

Is it any different when someone parades babies in front of a camera to sell their Global Warming agenda? How about old (supposedly starving) people to help with someone's push for National Health Care?

Although I don't agree with either agenda, it doesn't mean I believe it should be stopped just because I don't like live props, but because I want to know the real truth.

Children (passing out propaganda) won't hurt anyone, except those that are against the propaganda.

Dale said...

Is that as in jerk chicken Pistols? Of course I meant President of the Blogs!

I'm not sure either Pink Fluffy Slippers, perhaps to secure their place in heaven? Silly.

I don't think they should be stopped T. I just think they're magically ridiculous and in my way. Oh, and they should be stopped, don't you think?

T said...

As long as it is across the board for all agendas, OK. In a perfect world, all propaganda would be purely factual and all people could make a decision based on the facts,--not speculation.

Of course, how then would we fool the 50% or so voters that are total idiots?...

Dale said...

I'm an idiot and I approved this comment T.

n.v. said...

You shoulda told them you were late for an abortion and dammit, did they have a spare coat hanger laying around.

Dale said...

I always travel with my own coat hangers NV.