Hanging With The Mob

I feel it’s time to take a break from this whole interview thing and the best way to do this, is of course to answer a few questions that Mob over at Dear Bastards posed a while ago.

1. What got you into the blog world in the first place; was it something you read about, did you know someone who did it, etc?

I remember hearing about the phenomenon in the media and wondered what it was about. I did a little investigation and thought it might be a good way to stretch my flabby writing muscles and keep track of things I typically would email to friends and then delete only to wish later I hadn't. It’s turned out to be a great way to read some really excellent writers and observers of this ridiculous life we lead.

2. What was the first film you bought with your own money to watch over and over again, be it on DVD, VHS, Betamax...and is it a film that you still like today?

I believe it may have been Last Exit To Brooklyn on VHS but then again, I’m old and my brain is dodgy. I can’t understand why this film never got a proper dvd release but exists on a Korean import. The book is pretty amazing too.

I also remember getting Jurassic Park on VHS because it was came cheap once with a combo meal at McDonald’s. I still like both films.

3. Since celebs always want to speak for the world about how we should be pitching in and saving the world, who would you choose to represent us the best?

I hate self important shilling and proselytizing so I’ll go with Kathy Griffin, a no holds barred tell it like it is kind of gal. She’s already managed to at least jump up to the C list by this point so I think she could get a few things done.

4. What do you think is the most unlikely comic-book to film translation, the one that no one will ever be able to translate properly? (No fair cheating and naming the existing ones that shouldn't have been made...)

Nancy and Sluggo. I mean how could you improve on that?.

5. Tell me the type of music that you like least, then tell me the artist from that genre that you find the least annoying. The lesser of two evils, if you will.

This is a really difficult question because I do enjoy a lot of different musical genres and can find something to like about all of them.

While I don’t eat a steady diet of rap and hip hop, I do enjoy it as long as it’s not all posturing and calling everyone bitches and ‘hos. This may seem strange because I do spend a lot of time posturing on this blog. If I start calling you all bitches and ‘hos, feel free to pop a cap in my ass.


Coaster Punchman said...

Why yes, I do in fact remember Nancy and Sluggo. I hated them.

Beth said...

Let's figure out a way to hang with Kathy Griffin. We'd be quite the C-list posse.

I'd play Nancy to your Sluggo. We could vastly improve upon the comic.

Mob said...

Thanks for playing!

I'm glad you took the blogging plunge.

I have to wonder if Last Exit is one of those films lost on copyright issues, because with the success of Requiem For A Dream you'd think some greedy studio would've tossed it onto video to grab a few extra bucks.

Ah Nancy and her little pointy hair, I haven't thought of her in years.

pistols at dawn said...

Dear God, Nancy and Sluggo? What a reference. That's at least all-county, but I'm not saying which county.

Tumuli said...

The Kathy Griffin tie fits!

And brace yourself for bullets should the two magic words "pop" out. :)

Dale said...

Haha, I don't remember anything about them but the way they looked Coaster Punchman.

I'd love to tag along with Kathy G and you and make fun of everyone Beth. We're both a little better looking than Nancy and Sluggo. And Kathy for that matter.

Hey Mob, I'm glad I took the plunge too, it's been a really interesting ride. You might be right about Last Exit, I thought the same thing after Requiem became such a modern classic. I knew Nancy would throw everyone for a loop! Thanks for the questions.

I'm not sure I understand 'all county' but if it has anything to do with white trash or inbreeding, my work is proudly done Pistols At Dawn.

Tumuli, magic words? I think I may be too tired to figure out what you mean.

chelene said...

Only on this blog would Nancy and Sluggo get referenced! Good grief, Dale. I'd forgotten all about that one.

Beth said...

Well, for one, our faces can still move.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Nancy and Sluggo? Are they sort of like Sid and Nancy then? Because that would make an excellent comic book.

X. Dell said...

(4) I'm thinking Henry might prove to be a more unlikely subject than Nancy and Sluggo.

After all, Auntie Ritz is kinda cute.

(5) Fo shizzle.

BeckEye said...

I bet if they made Nancy and Sluggo into a movie it would star Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito. And it would suck hard.

Bella Rossa said...

Again, you have my heart. I LOVE Kathy Griffin. I keep trying to nail an interview with her for my Chicago comedy blog, but so far no luck.

Interesting trivia -- things I have in common with Kathy Griffin:

1. Youngest of 5 kids in Catholic families.

2. Under 5'4".

3. Unhappy and unpopular in high school. (I know, what are the odds?)

4. Love our gays.

5. Stand-up comedy powerhouses.

Well, okay, maybe not so much the last one. I have some catching up to do in that area.

Chancelucky said...

Nancy and Sluggo were on the front page of my local newspaper's Sunday comics page as I was growing up. Peanuts was at the top (always readable and funny), Nancy and Sluggo was just below. I spent ten years reading the strip at least once a week and I still have no idea why it existed. I still never figured out what Aunt Fritzi did. She appeared to be a professional dominatrix or something, but they never actually said.

Dale said...

I dare to be different and accept the shame Chelene.

And we have more hair Beth.

Yes Barbara, they were just like Sid and Nancy. Look closely, the track marks are there.

Henry X. Dell? I had to look him up. He's old school and very unlikely.

Perfect casting Beckeye and yes, I'm pretty sure it would suck.

I LOVE having your heart Bella Rossa. I hope you've emailed Kathy's people that exact list, it makes perfect sense. You're closer and closer to powerhouse all the time. And don't forget to add your ginger status to the list.

I can't really remember much about them but the way they looked Chancelucky. I always read the comics but I have to say, I never found much funny about any of them.

Bubs said...

Nice interview.

Nancy was one of a handful of painfully un-funny comics that I hated as a child, along with Henry.

Dale said...

Hey Bubs, you can't say she wasn't a looker though can you?

Chancelucky said...

According to the wikipedia, Nancy and Sluggo are still in circulation. Maybe they'll do a live-action movie someday.

Dale said...

Oh my, that is sad news Chancelucky. Any casting suggestions?