I Will Not Be Stopped

Although you may think me mad, it is of little consequence. Interviewing has taken over my life as a way of blogging without having to say anything.

My pal Zed has always alternated between being nice to me and very nice to me. As far as I know she's not Canadian but still has the good sense to pronounce her name Zed rather than Zee. She is zerefore welcome here any old time.

I sent her a few questions and she answered with aplomb. Ladies and blogmen, an interview with Zed.


mellowlee said...

Whoa! the cat picture made me sit back in my chair for a second. Happy long weekend Dale!

jin said...

Whoa! Another one? I didn't get to read your last two yet...how many does that make?

I had 7 requests.
4 have been sent.
(2 answered thus far.)
I need to write 3 more yet.

You're way faster at getting them out than I am. What do you do all day? Eat box mix pizza & write interviews? Sheesh....some of us have to work ya know!

X. Dell said...

Some people can write pages and pages, and not say anything, you know.

Zed said...

Thanks, Dale! Jim the Mailman sends his best. And while I'm not Canadian, I wouldn't mind being one, except for all that snow and ice--and the bears.

And let's face it, I'm nice to you because of the large weekly checks you send me. Otherwise, well, you know ... :)

Have a great weekend!

X. Dell said...

Hmmm. To clarify my comment, I'm referring to what you said about yourself writing little and still blogging. You write great questions, and even the short posts are entertaining. Some people (not including Zed, Jin, or other pages you've directed me too) can write volumes without saying anything.

Just like I did in that last paragraph.

Joe said...

Dale, we need to get you a television deal. I like how you talk to people.

jin said...

Thanks x. dell! :-D

Psssst! Hey Dale...you have some really intelligent commenters.
Tell me, did that rub off of you?
*jin tries to keep a straight face*

Zed said...

Thanks for the clarification, X. Dell. I was about to throw myself off the George Washington Bridge.

Coaster Punchman said...

I've often wondered about Zee's thoughtful profile pic; thanks for giving me the boost to make the click over.

Shroom Monkey said...

hey now.... you never ask me anything... nothing, nothing at all.... and here, after I laid at your feet and worshipped you, keep you in a lil cage and fed you well... let you out for tiny adventures and even once in a while said hello........... ummmm.....

Dale said...

That's a cat that'd knock anyone back a little Mellowlee. Happy long weekend to you too!

Jin, you're quite slow. I hold down 3 full time jobs, am a single mom and still find time for a nice Calgon bath and a bonbon before bed. I'm worried about you.

I think I know what you mean X. Dell.

Thanks for not cashing them as regularly as you should Zed, it allows me to feel a little richer now and then.

Hmmm. That's what I thought you meant X. Dell. Thanks for the compliments and for not riling up Zed, Jin and the rest.

Right after my next several plastic surgeries Bubs, I should be ready!

I'm very pleased that you spelled everything correctly there Jin.

If you're going to do something like that Zed, let me know in advance so I can set up a camera to become a YouTube sensation with my exclusive footage.

I refuse to be rankled over zee comment you made zeePee.

The food wasn't that great Kitty but you know, I didn't purposely ignore you, you started it!