Look Into My I's

Friday iTunes random mix-a-thon:

It's All I Can Do - The Cars

In The Future When All's Well - Morrissey

I'm Afraid Of Americans - David Bowie

Got Love To Kill - Juliette And The Licks

Explain It To Me - Liz Phair

Way Past Blue - Melanie Doane

Lighting Out For The Territories - Laurie Anderson

Dolce pensiero - Semiramide (Rossini) - Joan Sutherland

Imitation Of Life - R.E.M.

Gore Veil - The Deadly Snakes


Barbara Bruederlin said...

haha I can't read! I looked at In the Future When All's Well and thought what? Alana Morrisette covered this? sheesh, I got up too early.

Hey how do Juliette and the Licks sound anyway? Any good? The NME seem to love posting pics of them (or her anyway), but I've never listened (because you don't want to walk all the way over to mydatabus).

Writeprocrastinator said...

I, too, am afraid of Americans, Dale.

At least you live a safe distance from the Maury Povich/Jerry Springer show, that sometimes passes as a country.

Johnny Yen said...

That's one of my favorite Cars songs!

As always, your Random Ten sets the bar high!

Andi said...

OH MY GOD, I haven't heard :I'm Afraid of Americans" in ages. Must download TOday!

Jill said...

Liz Phair?? this one impress me almost as much like Edith Piaf did!! doesn't seems your type of music!!

BeckEye said...

I love that Melanie Doane song, "Adam's Rib." I found it by accident and have put it on about 5 mix CDs that I've made for people, and they ALL love it. Some of her other stuff that I've heard sounds a bit sensitive-chick-singer style, but I hadn't heard the one you mentioned. I might have to check it out.

Winter said...

How you doin?

Grant Miller said...

I love the Smiths, but Morrissey's solo career is hit and miss. "In the Future When All's Well" is spot on, though.

Dale said...

Juliette and the Licks are a serviceable little snarl 'n' roll bunch Barbara. I just downloaded a couple of tunes one day. I think she always seems a step or two away from personal apocalypse and that makes for sexy copy.

We've got trailer parks and teevee too WP so I don't know. I just don't know.

The Cars Greatest Hits was one of my first iTunes album purchases Johnny. I hadn't heard them in a while and thought it was great. Still do. Glad you enjoy! Your musical knowledge is pretty enviable.

And did you Andi? Are you quaking in fear right now?

I'm fairly eclectic with my music tastes Jill. It's nice to know you have some amount of taste too.

Perfect assessment Beckeye. I like Melanie and saw her play an outdoor concert here once when she was as pregnant as you can be and still balance a guitar across the baby. The song you mentioned is great but maybe try 'Still Desire You' or 'Wilma or a Betty Man' for a bit of fun from that album.

Dear Winter,

You're so springlike when you share the love. Thanks for the sun today and the melting trend.


The Dale

Another perfect assessment Grant. Morrissey's been spotty as a solo artist but I agree with you on this one so right now you're brilliant.

X. Dell said...

I don't think this list was radomly generated at all. I think you had a dream where you drove a number of WAY PAST BLUE CARS to JOAN SUTHERLAND's place. Right now, you're telling us that you're AFRAID OF AMERICANS, but IN THE FUTURE WHEN ALL'S WELL, LIZ PHAIR will explain your fear to you before LIGHTING OUT FOR THE TERRITORIES with Juliette, where they can get their licks in.

The Gifted Typist said...

Mowwassy - a wrist-slittin' good time.

iPods. I'm anti "i" anything at the moment, but have just today been shoved into dreaded i-land with a gift of a 80GB iPod. I gather the thing does the dishes, the ironing, the sock darning and the snow removal if you program it properly.
I wonder if it plays music?

Dale said...

You make it sound so very doable X. Dell! And now? I'm even more afraid of Americans.

It might play music but not until you fall head over mp3s in love with it Gifted Typist. You'll be able to load some of those beautiful photographs you take onto it too! We all seem to malign it in a way we never did the Sony Walkman!

Malnurtured Snay said...

The Deadly Snakes on the Music List! (y'know, "Snakes on a Plane"? "Snakes on a List?")

I know ... I know ... I'm the man.

Dale said...

Haha, you da Snay, Snay!

The Gifted Typist said...

Yup, I'm fallling in ilove and it's only been two days. I'm hopeless.

Dale said...

I knew you'd fall under the spell GT! It is now your angel of music.