Random Friday Ten - Deliquency Edition

I'm a little late. Oops.

1. Lovely Rita - The Beatles

2. New York New York - Nina Hagen

3. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps - Cake

4. The Flower of Carnage - Meiko Kaji (Kill Bill soundtrack)

5. Once Upon A Time In America - Ennio Morricone

6. Cherry Tree - 10000 Maniacs

7. I'd Like That - XTC

8. Neighbor - Ugly Kid Joe

9. Talk Show Host - Radiohead

10.Suzy.mp3 - Kelly Jones


Barbara Bruederlin said...

How surreal - someone else had that exact same Kelly Jones track up the other day. But that is nothing on the surreal scale compared to Nina Hagen followed by Cake. Your synapses must have been firing wildly in all directions after that combination. Mine are doing the huckabuck just thinking about it.

Chancelucky said...

Is it true that for the round of 5 in American Idol the theme is "Songs on Dale's IPod"?

Dale said...

When it came on, I had to stop, look and listen Barbara. And then it was oh, yes, Kelly Jones! I was glad to hear it. Nina and Cake are an odd combo but I can kind of see her head bob to Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps with all that crazy hair.

Hey, how did you know what I call my iPod Chancelucky? I wish I could pick the songs for them to sing. I know whole groups of songs I'd ban.

mellowlee said...

Oh my God, I haven't heard that Ugly Kid Joe song since...him sometime in the 90s Im sure. That sure is a wicked list. I love the eclectic mixes. Yay random ten Friday!

I hope you are having a great weekend Dale

Dale said...

I love them too MLee! It's fun getting a look at everyone's playlists. That sounded a little naughty.