Now You Know My ABCs

Several friendly and funny bloggers have answered these questions and it's my turn to give it a whirl.

A- Available or Single

I'm available for parties, bar mitzvahs and catered events so long as I can bring a guest.

B- Best Friend -
Me, which makes the rest of you very lucky.

C- Cake or Pie -
I'd eat just as much pie as cake if it had icing on it.

D- Drink of Choice -
Coke or a Bloody Caesar

E- Essential Item -
My brain. I never leave home without it although some might beg to differ.

F- Favourite Color -
I like to wear red because it really brings out the bloodshot in my eyes.

G- Gummi Bears or Worms -

H- Hometown -
I was going to say A Town Called Malice but really, apart from the mental patients and thieves in the night, it's just a sleepy little hamlet in eastern Canada.

I- Indulgence -
I denly myself so little that I'm hard pressed to answer this.

J- January or February -
February, it's got my birthday in it and is one step closer to spring.

K- Kids -
Yes, kids. Currently, as seen on tv, they're a very hot accessory; get yours today before Angelina snaps them all up!

L- Life is incomplete without -

M- Marriage Date -
I'm terrible with regular dates so a marriage date could only end in disaster.

N- Number of Siblings? -
Eight is enough don't you think?

O- Oranges or Apples? -
Oranges peeled with the back of a spoon.

P- Phobias/Fears -
Snakes on a blog.

Q- Favorite Quote -
Not one of us knows what effect his life produces, and what he gives to others; that is hidden from us and must remain so, though we are often allowed to see some little fraction of it, so that we may not lose courage. Albert Schweitzer

R- Reasons to smile -
So many when you tap into the poetry of life all around us.

S- Season -
I used to say summer but now there's something about the transitions in spring and fall that I love.

T- Tag Three People -
Hapabukbuk, Pink Fluffy Slippers and Megan, because I need to know more. The invitation is open to everyone else as well!

U- Unknown Fact About Me -
For now, it shall remain unknown.

V - Vegetable You Hate -
I think I like them all.

W- Worst Habit -
Biting fingernails, my own, not yours.

X - Xrays You've Had -
My head for sure.

Y- Your Favorite Foods -
Italian, Greek, maple walnut ice cream.

Z- Zodiac -
Aquarius. Do I always have to pour the water? And do I have to do it naked?


"jew" "girl" said...

oh, fabulous, my fellow aquarian just faaaaaaabulous!

BeckEye said...

See, yours was funny. For some reason, I lost all my funny when I realized that I couldn't lace every answer pop-culture references.

Anonymous said...

Nice glutes, Dale.

So what happens if I tag you right back? Will it create a loop in the time-space continuum with some sort of Donnie Darko outcome? I'm scared.

Dale said...

I knew you'd enjoy the kinship there my jewgee.

Yours was funny too Beckeye, just be careful mixing up your frozen eggs and that icing!

Thank you PFS. And yes, I'm waiting for the tagback, it's gonna awesomely mess everything up. Do it!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Gummi fudge is a very good choice.

I've actually been to the Owl Nest in Calgary. They still make a damned fine Caesar.

faith said...

I like your replies to these Dale. Always out of the ordinary (aka strange and smart ass like).

faith said...

Mmmm. Fudge.

The Freelance Cynic said...

Technically Aquarians are water bearers so you can just carry the water around if you like. But yes you do have to do it naked. That way the other signs have something to perve over.

Writeprocrastinator said...

See, now if you said "bloody caesar" to me, I would've guessed a salad with blood oranges, or a salad gone wrong.

I thought "fudge" was a more than an appropriate answer, considering that's what I use around Procrastinator Junior, in lieu of the "f" word.

"maple walnut ice cream"

I don't know Dale, it's as if you live in another country or something. That was a funny meme, but that ice cream just sounds hinky to me.

X. Dell said...

A--Do you do windows?
B--Is this a monogamous relationship?
D--I think I'd stick with the Coke.
E--In New Jersey, a lot of people stick theirs in their back pocket.
F--"Favourite Color?" Having a national identity crisis, are we?
G--I love gummi fudge.
H--I see. A town that dares not speak its name.
I--From the tenor of your post, I would suggest that perhaps your chief indulgence consists of Korean bagel ladies.
J--Actually, it's April.
K--I like kids. They taste like chicken.
M--I've heard of blind dates, but marriage dates seem like disasters waiting to happen.
N--That would make a great title.
O--I don't get into apples and oranges arguments.
P--I agree. They should be on planes where they belong.
Q--A point to ponder.
R--I'm actually glad you have much to smile at.
S--Agreed--besides spring and fall bring baseball and football, two of the essentials of life.
T--My thanks for leaving me out of this tag.
U--I see. So you were the one on the grassy knoll.
X--Did your doctors find anything?
Y--i would have guessed doughnuts and Molson.
Z--Happy to meet a fellow Aquarian, since we are either destined for greatness or madness.

Chancelucky said...

It was nice to get know you from A to Z.
Are you doing numbers next?

Dale said...

I think I just meant fudge but if it's a bit gummi, I'd still eat it I'm sure. Nothing like a tasty Caesar I find Barbara.

Strange and smart ass like may become my new blog motto Faith. Thanks! And hi! Fudge?

It makes me happy when the other signs perve over me Freelance Cynic. But I think they just want me to carry their jugs around.

When you come to Canada WP, you must try a Bloody Caesar (think Bloody Mary but with more zing - I like mine with horseradish in it too sometimes). If you replaced the butterscotch you might know in ice cream with maple, add some crushed walnuts, you'll find that yes, we live in different countries.

Very snappy and funny reply X. Dell and I didn't tag you on purpose knowing your love of these things. But why oh why did you leave out the 'V' response. Or did you put it in and someone else removed. A Kennedy minion perhaps?

Yeah, I got your number right here Chancelucky, haha. As I mentioned though, I'm terrible with dates so the numbers game would be a certain fiasco.

Molecular Turtle said...

Funny post, love the zodiac comment.

Melinda June said...

Yes, but what are you available to do at these bar mitzvahs?

Coaster Punchman said...

ha ha, cp here - I just realized as I was leaving comments on your last three posts that I was logged on as Melinda June - using her computer... too bad I didn't say something really suggestive to embarass her.

Dale said...

Hi Molecular Turtle, don't be jealous of my godly ways now!

You wouldn't believe what they ask me to do at these events MJ who I figured was CP. As long as they're not filmed, I'll do almost anything. But I don't come cheap. Yes, I wanted it to sound like that.

You should definitely work harder to embarrass her CP! Are you having a jolly olde time over there?

Jen said...

Snakes on a blog...


John said...

I believe that clamato is really the juice of the devil. Otherwise, I love them bloody marys.


Dale said...

I'll tell you why that came to me as though in a dream soon Jen.

Hey John, that devil's one tasty bastard then! I wouldn't drink it by itself but pour some booze and spice in it and I'm there.

X. Dell said...


Winter said...


How you doing?

Dale said...

That's okray by me X. Dell. I'm not even sure what okra is you know.

I think I'm alright Winter. You seem troubled, what's up?

Bubs said...

Dale you are a fascinating and complex man.

We have to get together for some bloody caesars and pie some time.

Dale said...

I'd welcome the chance Bubs. You're not going to arrest me for the chip truck thing are you?

Jill said...

For the Z picture, you just wish you had a but like that!!
BAck to my stacking self, mental institute and your home province only means one thing... Could you hometown start with a C??

Dale said...

I won't tell you Jill, about my butt, or about my hometown. There are two of those hospitals though in NB just to keep you guessing.