Walk Out To Winter Friday 10

In Canada, all we do is talk about the weather. Yesterday, a lot of prayer and complaining (very similar you know) went into the work day. A raging blizzard complete with thunder and lightning meant that we might get sent home from work early. Und we were.

The first train I can catch however does not leave until 4:30 so my extra 1 1/2 hours was spent watching the freaks people in Union Station, reading and listening to my iPod.

The aftermath today is a lovely wonderland with a protective layer of ice forming because of the freezing rain that took over when the snow tired. The only good thing amid the treachery is that everything looks wonderful for that first second when you haven't begun to try and walk or shovel it. Hi ho, hi ho...

I Surrender.mp3 David Sylvian

Ramblin' Man.mp3 Waylon Jennings

Think I'm In Love.mp3 Beck

If I Should Fall From Grace With God.mp3 The Pogues

Move.mp3 Dreamgirls

CurlyLocks.mp3 Sinead O'Connor

Stayin Alive.mp3 N Trance

All You Pretty Girls.mp3 XTC

Set Out Running.mp3 Neko Case & Her Boyfriends

Sex Beat.mp3 The Gun Club


Old Lady said...

I am so glad I don't have to shovel snow!

Coaster Punchman said...

Is the title of your post an Aztec Camera reference? Or is "Walk out to Winter" some general cultural or literary reference that I look like an idiot not knowing about?

Dale said...

There are other things you can shovel Old Lady. Oh wait, that's me. Sorry, never mind.

You are correct CP, the Aztecs have it. Also, it is winter. And I mentioned walking.

BeckEye said...

Yes...The Pogues once a day every day throughout March. (Damn, too bad St. Pat's day isn't in May or that would've been a kick-ass rhyme. AND I wouldn't have to freeze my ass off while getting drunk at the parade.)

X. Dell said...

You have weather worth talking about in Canada, that's why you talk so much about it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Aren't you just the linky king these days? I know what you were really doing for that 1.5 hours in Union Station - you had a date with mydatabus, didn't you?

Und ve shall listen to these songs with glee, glee I tell you.

Dale said...

Use Shane's breath to keep you warm Beckeye. It sounds like it could be so many things 'Shane's Breath'.

We have all four seasons all the time X. Dell. It's a bit wearying.

I hope you find some glee Barbara, there are some great ones. It's your fault really isn't it? You and Allison set me up on my first date with MDB.

Mellowlee said...

That was the first song I've heard from Dream girls. Very nice! Hope you are having a good weekend Dale

Johnny Yen said...

I was shocked that you hadn't posted a Random Ten-- until today when I looked lower on the page. Doh.

That first Gun Club record was great! She's Like Heroin is another favorite from that album. XTC, the Pogues, Waylon Jennings... nice list.

Dale said...

It's a catchy tune isn't it Mel? It's not Jennifer's big barn burnin' number but it's fun.

I'm very lowbrow Johnny Yen, you should know better. Sex Beat is one of those great energetic tunes which really, you couldn't have a song with that title be a drag could you?

sKincarver said...

You just got about 1000 cool points with me. The Gun Club were one the greatest bands ever. I was listening to Miami today.
Ever here any of Jeffrey Lee's solo stuff. I was weird and kinda funky, but worth hearing. Nothing like the Club.

Dale said...

Although I have many sucky schmaltz factors at times Skincarver, once in a while I pull a cool one out of the hat. Am I almost out of the hole?

I haven't heard any of J Lee's stuff so I'll have a look around to check it out.

It's you that downloaded that Jennifer Hudson song 6 times isn't it?