Check in the Post

A few musical notes for a Friday.

Katie Schwartz! Since you brought it up here, I think you need your mama to play this the next time she asks a skeptical salesgirl for help: CT.mp3.

And Cool Cat? Your post about kitties, Pecker and Say Anything made me think of the Peter Gabriel song In Your Eyes which brought me to Laurie Anderson who has worked with Peter. She's known for saying anything too and has a song I love that you can hear here.mp3.

Chelene. I know what you've been up to and so, I offer this different sort of vacationy reference tune.mp3 The title could be referring to you right now. I hope it's booze inclusive!

I stopped at 3 because that's just how I roll lazy I am.


chelene said...

Ah, Dale, I love Ben and I love that song! The sun will set me free indeed. Thank you!! :)

X. Dell said...

I see you weren't lazy enough to use the overstrike formatting.

I laughed the first time I read Katie's post on the subject. Now hearing this song, I realize that there must be a whole subgenre of music on this particular subject.

justacoolcat said...

I wasn't familiar with Laurie Anderson so I had to do my research. What a massive resume. The song reminds me of a Peter Gabriel work.

Dale said...

It's such a great song and you Chelene deserve a break, whether you do or not.

The subgenre is probably divided don't you think X. Dell? Katie's pretty damned funny.

Laurie's quite prolific, you're right JustaCC. I regret not having seen her live, yet anyway. Have you heard the song 'Excellent Birds' that she does with Peter Gabriel perhaps?

She cohabits with Lou Reed now and has for several years I believe. She has a lot of experimental songs and monologues and instruments for that matter while other of her work is more traditionally song like. Either way, she's produced some interesting things.

"jew" "girl" said...

you are so funny, potd!!

I was checking out some old pics of the beegees today. my god, they did enjoy dick lips. tell me, is a split sack as painful as a split pookie? did you ever roll out with lips/

Dale said...

It could be pretty painful. The minimum would be the right underwear if you're not smart enough to go with the right pants!