Something In The Way She Waddles

I knew it would happen sooner or later.

Someone very near (sometimes too near) and dear to me has dissed me. And misquoted me.

I blame it on the hormones (in all that junk food she's feeding the tapeworm).

Oh, it's on.

Some of our telephone conversations are much more brilliant than can be captured for their blogability. We talk on the phone on accounta the restraining order.


Fearless said...

Maybe she should blow some of her readers and they'd like her more, heck, she could probably steal quite a few of your readers by offering blowjobs. But not me, you're the only blogger I accept blowjobs from, the rest pay in cash!

Tanya Espanya said...

I tried calling you but it seems your phone has been disconnected. Did you forget to pay your bill? And when I went to your house I kept hearing noises inside but nobody was answering the door. And I had a hard time peering in the windows on accounta my bowlingballwatermelon getting in the way. But I'll keep trying, okay?

Coaster Punchman said...

If you keep posting this filth I'm going to have to remove your link. Remember: family blog.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Mud fight! Mud fight!

Fearless said...

This is a family blog? Could have fooled me.

Jill said...

Or your bad mouthing Tanya again??

Dale said...

She really should Fearless, she's okay at it. Thank you for living up to your name in exposing our not for profit love.

You should be hearing from my solicitor Tanya, he's blowable but not easily tricked.

You love filth and that's why you're here today protesting too much CP.

I love slingin' cause slingin' can make you mine Barbara.

The only family in this blog are in my crazy childhood adventures Fearless.

Yes, on purpose too Jill!

gifted typist said...

I'm heartbroken. sniff! sniff! I thought you two were both so sweet and lovely. And now the dirt...

Oh woe, oh woe... (are we allow to say that here?)

Tanya Espanya said...

Oh hoe, oh hoe, GT. I'm still sweet and lovely, though!


X. Dell said...

Tanya wrote that you're not all that. All what?

I hope I never need cash when you're around.

Dale said...

We are sweet and lovely Gifted Typist, me more so than her. Please put a larger disclaimer out there before you just start shouting WOE everywhere though. Coaster Punchman thinks this is a family blog.

Sickly sweet is different Tanya.

Haha, I'm just more than she can take X. Dell. If you need cash, I'll just fork it over rather than ruin our relationship. You'll have to go to Tanya for anything else. Just say Hi ho!