In The Early Morning Rain ... Slight Return

I got in most of my Random Ten music shuffling on the rainy ride to work.

  1. Dixie Dynamite – Freddy Jones Band

  2. Gatekeeper – Feist

  3. Please Please Please – Shout Out Louds

  4. Danube Incident – Lalo Schifrin

  5. Easy Money – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

  6. Every Humble Knee Must Bow – Nashville Bluegrass Band

  7. Por Dignidad – Omara Portuondo

  8. Twilight Zone – Golden Earring

  9. On The Mend – Foo Fighters

  10. Don’t You Know – Della Reese


Beth said...

Good, eclectic mix. I don't know Lalo Schifrin's "Danube Incident" ... and I feel I must. Is it worth tracking down in the early morning rain or late afternoon sun?

Andi said...

Feist! I love Feist. And the Foo of course. Gonna have to start searching out some of your random shuffles fo'sho.

Anonymous said...

didja ever hear of THE GRID? just curious. seems like they should be on that list somewhere. :p

lulu said...

GOLDEN EARING!?!? I have to go download that right now!

bulletholes said...

Had'nt heard of Freddy Jones Band in a while...have two of their CD's that I will ahve to revisit tonite!

Moderator said...

I like that Shout Out Louds record. Swedish rock!

Dale said...

I emailed it to you Beth. The tune is from a CD called Crime Jazz - Music In The Second Degree. I think it's where Portishead got one of their samples for Sour Times.

I love me some Feist too Andi! Her pants are nearly as sassy as yours. My niece was telling me much later than she should have that Feist jumped up on stage with Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins when they played here. Rock on Leslie Feist.

I've heard Swamp Thing Yas. Same THE GRID?

I hope you did Lulu! Yeah, there's a storm on the loose, sirens in my head
Wrapped up in silence, all circuits are dead
Cannot decode - my whole life spins into a frenzy

Hello Steve. Freddy hadn't turned up on my shuffle for a while either so I'm glad he did. I'll be swinging by to check on your blog later.

Grant? Is that you? I like them and their website too.

Anonymous said...

Early Morning Rain-- I've heard at least four versions of that song that I like, including Gordon Lightfoot, who wrote it, plus Ian and Sylvia, Peter, Paul and Mary and even Elvis.

Had an officemate years ago when I was a law clerk who was a big Nick Cave fan. He also played a lot of Einsterzen Neubauten and the Swans. Pretty interesting mix.

Lu-- they've got the vid for Twilight Zone on youtube. Brings me right back to college-- and as you've mentioned, a time when MTV actually played vids.

Dale said...

I like Early Morning Rain but I dídn't realize there were so many versions Johnny Yen! Here we have Much Music which has generally been pretty video heavy although now they've splintered off into a bunch of different channels and they're maintaining some integrity.